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2-inch Lift or 6-inch Lift on Your Truck?

2-inch Lift or 6-inch Lift on Your Truck?

2-inch Lift or 6-inch Lift on Your Truck?

To level or to lift? That's the question you're asking when you're wondering the difference between a two-inch lift or a six-inch lift (or more!) on your truck. Which option should you choose?

Two-inch Lift Kits (i.e. Leveling Kits)

When you opt for the two-inch lift kit, you're actually choosing a 2.5-inch leveling kit. The only purpose of this, essentially, is to get rid of the nose down look of a truck that comes off the assembly line. The change is very subtle, so if you're looking for something more aggressive, you may be disappointed by the end result.

Four-inch Lift Kits

Four-inch lift kits offer a more aggressive lift, but once you get into this level of change you're likely going to have to start adjusting other things, like the brakes and the driveshaft and the shocks. A more aggressive stance on the road comes with a price--but it's worth it.

Six-Inch Lift Kits

With a six-inch lit, you'll get a vehicle that can be customized to your preferences. You can make it taller in the front with leaf packs. In the kit alone, you'll get a trackbar drop bracket to give your vehicle side-to-side adjustment ability, as well as brake mounting brakets and new swaybar end links.

You will likely be able to clear 35-inch tires easily and may be able to get away with 37s if you adjust further (you may have some rub on the tire without modification). Six inches is some serious lift, and it comes with a whole new world of modifications--and expense. But if you're looking for a vehicle that do some serious off-roading, a six-inch lift may be your best bet.

Eight-inch Lift Kits

Welcome to a whole new level of lift. What the kits themselves come with helps you understand the degree to which you'll be modifying and customizing your stock truck: new front driveshaft, dual steering stabilizer kit, front triple shock kit, new swaybar end links, extended brake lines.

But this is the land of big tires and even bigger impressions. Unless you're an expert, this is not the kind of thing you should be doing yourself. There are too many moving parts and too many things to consider--make sure you have someone who knows lifted trucks helping you make sure that you've thought of everything that may be affected by the change. An 8-inch lift isn't for the faint of heart, but if you're all in--it's quite an impressive change!

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