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2017 Kia Sorento vs Toyota Highlander

2017 Kia Sorento vs Ford Edge

All-wheel drive and rugged towing capabilities mean adventure is always just around the corner - which is part of what makes crossover SUVs like the 2017 Kia Sorento and the Toyota Highlander so attractive. To figure out which model is the best fit for your lifestyle, check out our comparison guide.

2017 Kia Sorento vs Toyota Highlander

Creature Comforts & Space

After its redesign last year, there's no mid-size crossover more attuned to your comfort than the Kia Sorento. The front seats get you through any commute - no matter how backed up - with support to spare. If you've got a big family, you can add a third-row seat to supply extra space for up to seven passengers.

The Highlander manages to impress with its spacious cabin. It offers room for up to eight passengers, making it a great pick for cross-country road trips with the whole crew. While the Highlander has a lot going for it in this category, seating is on the firm side, putting it squarely in second place.

Modern Technology

Keep your attention where it belongs - on the road ahead - without missing any texts from your kids. The Sorento's Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity displays smartphone apps on the central touchscreen, and the system will even read your text messages aloud to you. Moreover, it lets you use voice controls to respond via text.

If you're the type who can't navigate your way out of a paper bag, the Highlander has you covered. Its navigation system is easy to use, getting you wherever you need to be with time to spare. However, compared to the Sorento, the Highlander does not offer complete smartphone integration and you won't find as many infotainment features packed into the central touchscreen interface.

Towing & Utility

Here, we like the Highlander. In addition to towing a boat weighing up to 5,000 pounds with ease, it will take you off-road like a pro. Its sophisticated all-wheel drive technology - plus 8 inches of ground clearance - makes the Highlander one of the most adventurous models in this segment.

The 2017 Kia Sorento is also big on power. Hauling 5,000 pounds worth of your favorite outdoor toys into the wilderness is nothing but smooth sailing. While it doesn't offer the same off-road extremes you get with the Highlander, the Sorento's all-wheel-drive system tackles slippery pavement with the best of them, increasing traction to keep you safe.

Fuel Economy & Performance

The Sorento maintains its edge by saving you the most money at the pump. Depending on powertrain, this peppy crossover balances speed with up to 21 city/28 highway mpg. It also delivers that sporty handling that crossover drivers crave, giving you confidence as you take on sharp corners.

The Highlander is known for its smooth, seamless ride. However, depending on engine configuration, it doesn't quite earn the same fuel economy, reaching only 21/27 mpg. The Sorento wins this category by a small margin, though you likely can't go wrong with either.

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The Toyota Highlander is a premium pick in a lot of ways, but the 2017 Kia Sorento leaves the competition in the dust. Besides earning impressive fuel economy, it'll haul your favorite people, your needed cargo, and tow your toys, giving you everything you need to tackle any adventure with ease.