2018 Kia Rio vs Hyundai Accent

2018 Kia Rio vs Hyundai Accent

At first glance, the 2018 Kia Rio and the Hyundai Accent are tough to compare. Because they're built by different branches of the same company, they also share platforms and a lot of components. But the Rio and the Accent are definitely not identical--so let's find what sets them apart and see which vehicle is best.

2018 Kia Rio vs Hyundai Accent

Versatility: Kia Rio

Right off the bat, the Kia Rio has an advantage over the Hyundai Accent. Why? The Kia Rio offers more to buyers in the form of two body styles--a hatch and a sedan. The Hyundai is only available in sedan form. For some buyers, the extra option might not make a great deal of difference. Sedans are popular, which may be why the Accent hatch has been discontinued, but hatchbacks provide an entirely different take on a four-door vehicle.

Having the option is good, especially for buyers who are looking for a smaller, more affordable car but may be debating between more cargo flexibility in the hatchback or a more traditional backseat option in the sedan. For that reason, the Rio has the edge here.

Looks: Kia Rio

Whether you're a giant fan of the hatchback or not, it normally wins style points against the sedan. The hatchback lends itself to a sportier, more attractive design as a rule, and that's true for the Kia Rio. The Hyundai Accent and the Kia Rio may look very similar in sedan format--makes sense, since they share a basic platform--but the Kia Rio hatch beats both of the sedans.

The Rio has the distinctive tiger-nose grille, giving it a more modern, aggressive, and distinctive style than the wide-mouth grille of the Accent. In contrast to the Kia's design, the Hyundai looks a little bit frumpy and common.

Ride Comfort: Kia Rio

Maybe to compensate for other areas of design finesse where it lacks some style, the Hyundai has decided the bigger the wheel, the better. Some buyers may believe that a bigger wheel makes for a better, more stylish car. Hyundai has adopted that attitude, putting 17-inch alloy wheels on the Accent in its range-topping Limited form. But here's the problem with that "bigger is better" attitude--it can actually make your ride less comfortable. On a compact especially, the bigger the wheels the rougher the ride--and that's definitely a problem for a top-trim model.

Kia has restrained itself, making the largest wheel option on its Rio a 15-inch one. The Rio will ride better, no matter the trim, than the Accent Limited. This decision alone indicates that Kia understands the way compacts work and has designed a vehicle that will give you the ride you want at the price you need.

Price Point: Kia Rio

Both the Hyundai Accent and the Kia Rio are offered in three different trim levels with the entry level models both having manual and automatic transmissions available. Once you get above the Rio LX manual and the Accent SE manual, the rest of the models are automatic-only. The Accent and the Rio are on par, trim by trim.

A lot of people buying cars of this type will be buying on a budget, so what they cost to buy really does matter. Of course they're both affordable; that's what Kia and Hyundai focus on providing buyers at this level. But the Kia has a starting MSRP of just $13,900 while the most affordable Hyundai Accent has a starting MSRP of $14,995. Almost $1,100 really does make a difference at this level.

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2018 Kia Rio vs Hyundai Accent

You won't find a seismic difference between the 2018 Kia Rio and the Hyundai Accent, but differences do still exist. Now that Hyundai has dropped the hatch version of the Accent, the Kia Rio has a definitive edge. The Rio is more affordable, more attractive, and offers more versatility than the Hyundai Accent. If you're going to choose, you might as well choose the best possible option.

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