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    • A red Kia SUV overlooks a PA suburb

      The Best SUVs For Sale Are At Your Local Kia Dealership!


      With some of the most exciting SUVs for sale of 2019 and now 2020 your local Kia Dealership in Allentown PA is full of the best SUVs n the market. From sylish exteriors, comfortable and high tech interiors, and the performance you demand in an SUV stop in and check them out for yourself!

    A deep orange 2020 Kia Stinger in front of a epic sunset

    Looking For Kia LEase Deals in PA?


    Cant decide if a lease is right for you? Allentown Kia is here to show you the advantages of all the Kia lease deals available from Allentown to Philadelphia

The Allentown PA skyline on a sunny day

6 Things to Look for in a Kia Dealership


Check out this list of things to look for in your local Kia Dealership near Allentown PA to make sure you are getting the best in service and selection!

A dark gray 2019 Kia Sorento parked by a quite lake

How to Choose The Right Vehicle From A Kia Dealership Near Me?


With so many new and exciting cars and SUVs you may find it difficult to choose one of the many Kia models at your local Kia dealership in Allentown PA. Well, we are here to help! From the Sorento to the Sportage and everything in between we will show you some of the most popular vehicles and what to look for in an awesome dealership like Allentown Kia.


2-inch Lift or 6-inch Lift on Your Truck?


Why lift your truck? Trucks come from the factory with a "rake," a higher rear end than front end that angles their nose slightly down. The idea is that once you fill the truck bed or attach a trailer, the truck evens out. But some drivers prefer a more level appearance from the get-go, adding lift kits to get rid of that nose-to-the ground look.

  • 2017 Kia Niro - Come Get Yours Today at Allentown Kia!


    The Kia Niro set a Guinness World Record for Fuel Efficiency "With record-breaking performance, the Kia Niro was driven in the achievement of a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for Lowest fuel consumption driving across the USA from coast to coast in a hybrid car. Wayne Gerdes and co-driver Robert Winger achieved the record by driving the Niro EX 3,715 miles-from LA to NYC-using only 4.1 tanks of gas. That's a record-setting mark of an incredible 76.6 mpg."

  • 2017 Kia Sportage - Allentown Car Dealership


    Kia Sportage named top IIHS Safety Pick. The Kia Sportage is the best looking, most efficient, compact SUV in its class for many reasons. You can find the best deals on the 2017 Kia Sportage at Allentown Kia, which is your Allentown area Kia Dealership and the #1 Kia Dealer in PA. The Kia Sportage is the highest rated compact SUV based on many different reports and Allentown Kia has the largest inventory of Kia Sportage's for sale in Allentown, PA.

  • All-Wheel Drive or 4-Wheel Drive? What's the Difference?


    All-wheel drive versus four-wheel drive - is there any difference? With either system, your car's transmission can send power to all four wheels. However, when it comes to both form and function, these two systems are strikingly different.

  • Allentown Kia Earns #1 Kia Dealer in PA as voted by


    At Allentown Kia, Customer Service is #1 to us and we are ecstatic we were able to earn #1 in PA for 2017. This award is very prestigious and extremely meaningful to us. It is our first year under new ownership and we worked very hard to earn this award.

  • Allentown Kia Service Department


    Your vehicle is one of your most important (and expensive) investments, second to your home. If you wouldn't trust the care of your home's foundation, air conditioning, plumbing, or electrical to someone who might sort of know what they're doing, you shouldn't do that with your vehicle either. Trusting your vehicle to the highly trained service professionals at the Allentown Kia service department is the right choice, whether you're looking for routine maintenance or specialized Hyundai or Kia warranty work.

  • Allentown Kia Wins 2017 DealerRater Kia Dealer of the Year Award


    Award recognizes top U.S. and Canadian auto dealers who demonstrate excellent customer service as expressed by consumer reviews written on DealerRater

  • Bad Credit Car Loans at Allentown Kia


    No matter what your financial situation, bad credit loans are within your reach. Even when your credit score is less than ideal, it doesn't have to mean you're doomed to spend hours on a hot city bus or sponging rides from friends. For Allenstown, Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem, Easton and surrounding areas, the solution is as simple as heading to your local Kia dealer. Visit our friendly dealership to learn more about how bad credit loans can solve your transportation problems, no sweat.



    • Benefits of Wheel Alignment


      What does proper wheel alignment do for you as a driver? Quite a lot, actually. Keeping your wheels in alignment is essential for the integrity of your ride, offering optimal road feel and precise steering in a tight spot. By maintaining proper wheel alignment, you can actually save money at the pump, because it helps you achieve optimal fuel economy. And, when the roads are wet, wheels that are aligned offer a better braking performance, so you can stay in control of your ride.

    • Best Off Roading in Allentown PA


      There's nothing like a wild romp through the wilderness. If you're looking to stray away from the same old spots, check out our guide to the best off-road trails in and around Allentown, PA. Whether you plan to Jeep through some of the last old-growth hemlocks in the northeast or take your new F-150 out for its first foray away from the pavement, there's a little something here for you. With most of these sites, you can even bring along your hiking gear or snowshoes to further explore where no vehicle can tread.

    • Best Options for a Lifted Truck


      If you're thinking about lifting or leveling, it sounds like you enjoy adding some personality to your truck. Why have it look like all the others? If you're willing to get your hands greasy, consider these other options while you have your truck jacked up in the garage.

    • Brakes


      When the time comes to make an emergency quick stop, you want your breaks to be in excellent working order. But to make strong stops without fail, you car's brake system requires regular maintenance. Read on to get a better handle on your braking performance.

    • Budget-Friendly Cars Under 10K


      Are you shopping for used cars under $10,000? At Allentown Kia, we understand that you're on a budget. However, a lackadaisical cash flow doesn't necessarily leave you stranded on the side of the road. If you're in the Easton, Bethlehem, or Allentown area, we're here to help. Read on to learn more about how our budget-friendly options can change your life.

    • CPO and Used Allentown


      Thanks to modern technology, cars, trucks, and crossovers have reached new heights, delivering dependable performance and modern safety features to put your mind at ease. Vehicles are also more diverse than ever. Americans of all shapes and sizes, with families of all shapes and sizes, can pick and choose from a wide range of used cars, SUVs, crossovers, and minivans for their perfect fit. And, when you shop the certified used market, you can further bolster your peace of mind. CPOs offer a range of advantages, from performance guarantees to extended warranty coverage. Read on to discover how buying a CPO from Allentown Kia can help you make the most of your daily commute.

    • Can I Sell My Leased Car?

      That's it. You want out. You have a car that you're leasing and simply no longer or can't make those monthly payments or the car no longer suits you.

    • Cars Under $20,000


      Every buyer has a unique need and, at Allentown Kia, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet those needs. While some buyers love the idea of driving off the lot in a brand-new vehicle, complete with that new car smell, other buyers are invested in finding the best deal for their money. When your budget matters and your goal is to get the best value for that dollar, you will find what you're looking for in our large selection of cars under $20K.

    • Certified Pre-Owned Hyundais at Allentown Kia


      If you're looking for a new vehicle, maybe new isn't what you're looking for at all. When you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle, you get the best of both worlds-the best value for your money and a quality vehicle with warranty protection. Even better? You can get all of that in a Hyundai, which has one of the best warranties on the market.



    • Certified Pre-Owned Kias at Allentown Kia


      Not ready yet for a new Kia? Sometimes, choosing a new vehicle is not the best option for you or your budget. But what you want from a new car is usually the peace of mind that a new car brings. Used cars can feel like a huge risk-but what if Allentown Kia could take the risk out of buying a pre-owned car? What if you could have none of the risk and all of the budget benefits? You can with certified pre-owned Kias!

    • Certified Pre-Owned and One Owner Cars


      When you don't have the budget for a new car, you have basically two options: buy a used vehicle from an online classified ad or buy a used car from a dealership. You might see a slightly smaller price tag from the private party, but you have no idea what you're getting, how it's been maintained, or when a certified mechanic last took a look. Also, you hand over all of your money upfront, which eliminates anyone who needs financing. Basically, buying a used car from an online ad is a huge risk.

    • Crew Cab vs Quad Cab vs Regular Cab: Which One To Choose?


      Truck buying puts a lot of configurations at your disposal, but choosing between the crew cab, quad cab, and regular cab is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Before you head out to the dealership to test-drive your various options, give our guide the quick once-over. In it, we highlight some of the main reasons why you would choose one cabin type over the other.

    • Do I Need Snow Tires?

      Do you need snow tires? If winter in your town means ice, snow, or frosty temperatures, the answer is yes. Snow tires - also called winter tires - are specially designed to maintain their grip the road in spite of slippery conditions. By enhancing traction, they keep you from skidding over ice patches and into an accident. Snow tires also assist you as you steer, accelerate, and brake through winter conditions. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should invest in winter tires.

    • Finding Cheap Used Lifted Trucks


      If you're looking for a great deal on cheap used lifted trucks, we have some tips for you!

    • Get the Most from Your Trade-In


      Is there a secret to getting the most from your auto trade-in? When most people purchase a new car, they trade in their current model to offset costs. Depending on how much your current car is worth, you can get an excellent deal on your next vehicle.

    • History of Lifted Trucks


      Tough conditions require tough trucks--and lifted trucks are no different. But did you know where the idea for everything from the truck you drive to the lift kit you choose (2-inch or 12-inch, up to you) came from?

    • How Much Towing Capacity Do I Need?


      If you're shopping for your next sports utility vehicle, ask yourself whether you're looking to drag a small AirStream to your local state parks or pining for a cross-country trip with your massive fifth-wheel toy hauler in tow. Although it may seem logical to consider each vehicle's weight ratings, it's actually a better idea to think about what you'll be towing and use that as a jumping-off point to choose the model that's right for you.

    • How to Lift Your Truck


      Looking for a way to lift your truck but not sure which option is right for you? We'll give you three options, along with the pros and cons of each.



    • How to Sell a Car You Haven't Paid Off


      You're more than ready for a new car, but you still owe money on the one you've got. Can you upgrade your ride before paying that loan down? The short answer is yes. You'll also be happy to know that the process for doing so is relatively simple. Read on to learn how to sell a car you haven't paid off yet.

    • JD Power IQS Kia Ranks Number 1 for the 4th Year


      In its annual U.S. Initial Quality Study, J.D. Power has once again named Kia the top non-luxury automaker for new-vehicle quality. Kia has earned this honor for four years in a row.

    • Kia Cars for Commuters


      Kia has a great lineup for commuters. The brand is known for stellar interiors, sharp exterior styling, outstanding warranties, and unbeatable tech to keep you safe, entertained, and connected. But which car to choose for your daily commute? Never fear. We'll give you a run-down of the top three commuter cars in the Kia lineup and help you choose which is right for you. The biggest consideration is size. Do you want small, medium, or grande?

    • Kia Dealer Easton PA


      Allentown Kia does not only service our local market in Allentown! We are the #1 Kia dealer in PA and we are proud to also serve Easton, PA. Not only do we serve Easton, PA but we will beat ANY dealer's price as well! If you go and get a price from a dealership in Easton, PA we will beat it significantly. We will also give you $1,000 more than any dealership gives you for your trade. At Allentown Kia we want to earn your business for life, we aren't in business for the one time deal and we will do everything we can to make our customers happy.

    • Kia Incentives


      Kia incentives differ from the average factory-to-dealer incentives in one big way: Allentown Kia is upfront about what it's offering. Whereas other dealers may not let you in on the discount they got from the factory - thereby keeping a discount it could have passed on to you, the customer - you can check in with Kia to learn which moneysaving offers are currently on the table.

    • Kia Lease Deals Allentown


      If you want all the perks of a new car without the high monthly payments that come with a bank loan, check out our Kia lease deals. Taking out a lease means that you get to drive a new car for a few years before you turn it in and, should you choose, lease another new vehicle. Basically, you can drive new vehicles until the end of time without going broke with our incredible Kia lease deals. Love that new-car smell and crave a dependable ride, along with the latest gear? Leasing is the right option for you.

    • Kia Reviews


      If you're looking for a crossover SUV, a midsize sedan, or a sporty compact, you already know that the options are almost limitless. Yes, you'll eventually get to the end of the very long list of makes and models in each category, but who has the time to research every single model? We know that you're already impressed with the Kia brand for its refined finishes, impressive warranty, and solid performance against some of the most popular makes and models out there. But how do you get the information you need on the Kias? Our Kia reviews section should help!

    • Kia Recalls

      Nearly every auto manufacturer has issued recalls at one point or another in its history. Kia is no exception, except that it doesn't even rank in the top 10 of total recalls in recent years. Still, there have been some, including one earlier this year over concerns that airbags were not properly inflating. Kia voluntarily began a safety recall and Allentown Kia's convenient service department can help you get your Kia repaired and on the road quickly and easily.

    • Kia Specials


      Though Allentown Kia prides itself on a transparent pricing strategy that uses the latest data and our commitment to putting customers in vehicles more often, we know that everyone loves a deal. Kia knows that too, so you'll often see Kia specials advertised on everything from lease incentives, financing rates, and inventory reductions. It pays to pay attention-but what are these types of specials and how can they help you?

    • Kia Technology Options


      In addition to the usual infotainment and safety gadgets, Kia offers a wide range of cutting-edge innovations to energize your everyday drive. Take a look at what you can expect from your brand new Kia.



    • Largeset Selection of New Used Certified Pre-Owned Kias

      If you're looking for the largest selection of Kias in the area - whether new, used, or certified pre-owned - then look no further than Allentown Kia. Shop our Kia inventory online or in person to discover everything from the family-friendly crossover adventure of the Kia Sportage to the sleek contours of the Kia Cadenza sedan. No matter what kind of driver you are, we've got a price tag that speaks to your budget.

    • Lifted Diesel Trucks

      Why buy a lifted diesel truck? After all, diesel trucks are plenty rugged already, with big tires, tons of horsepower and torque, and remarkable utility. But lifting a truck improves on these features and gives you a few more besides. Allentown Kia has a great selection of lifted trucks in their inventory that are worth checking out.

    • Lifted Jeep vs Stock Jeep

      Should you lift your Jeep? The debate about the benefits of a lifted Jeep vs a stock Jeep continues to rage and it can be a real issue if you've bought your Jeep in order to off-road. We'll give you some of the pros and cons to help you decide.

    • Lifted Truck: Solid Front Axle vs Independent Front Suspension

      If you're not a truck guru, you may not know the difference between a solid front axle and independent front suspension. But if you've bought a truck or an SUV in the last few years, you probably have experienced independent front suspension (IFS) in all its glory. You may not have even know that, in the world of lifted truck, there are two camps about which option makes for a better lifted truck experience.

    • Luxury Used SUVs

      Luxury used SUVs aren't just another way to get to work - they're a world-class experience unto themselves. Whether you're looking for the smooth, streamlined experience of a used Mercedes-Benz GLE, the athleticism of a used Range Rover, or the James Bond-like experience of the used Audi Q5, we can help at Allentown Kia. No matter your budget, the power and prestige that comes with owning a luxury SUV is within your grasp.

    • Luxury Used Trucks

      Sometimes you want more than a mere workhorse - you want a workhorse with substance and style. That's exactly where the selection of luxury used trucks at Allentown Kia come in. With a luxury used truck, you can haul tough loads and impress tough critics at the same time.

    • New Kias

      Nothing will appeal to a modern driver quite like the new Kias that are out this year, with their eco-friendly appeal and streamlined good looks. These models have a little something for every type of driver - from the freewheeling outdoor adventurer to the budget-strapped, college-bound Instagram addict. At Allentown Kia, our inventory of new Kias gives you the features you want at a fair price.

    • Number 1 Rated Car Dealer

      At Allentown Kia, we're proud to be the 2017 DealerRater Kia Dealer of the Year. Our customers have spoken, and they've commended us on our friendly customer service, pricing, maintenance, and repairs. If you're in the Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Easton, or Reading areas, stop by to find out why we've earned consistently high DealerRater PowerScores for customer satisfaction and the title of number one dealer.

    • Oil Change

      It's up to you to keep your car in good working order, and that starts with regular oil changes. Out of all of your car's regular maintenance requirements, oil changes are the most common and among the most important.

    • Pickup Truck or SUV?

      Pickup truck or SUV? Whether you're shopping for a four-wheel-drive family vehicle or a spacious, yet work-friendly, ride, both models have a lot to offer. But deciding between the two can be tough - at least, before you get all the details nailed down. Check out our comparison guide, in which we discuss who needs what vehicle.

    • Should I Lease or Buy?

      Should you lease or buy a brand-new Kia? That question is key for most buyers, who may not be sure which option benefits them (and their credit, budget, and lifestyle) most. Really, your choice will come down to your preferences, because both options offer a tremendous amount of value and the opportunity to drive a brand-new Kia.

    • Should You Lift a Used Truck or a New Truck?

      You know you want a lifted truck, and you're pretty sure you want to do it yourself. So you're in the market for a blank canvas of a truck--the one that's going to reflect your customized vision. But which is better to lift: a used truck or a new truck?

    • Spring Savings at Allentown Kia Why You Should Own a 2017 Kia Sorento Today!

      Take a moment to view our new digital commercial that displays the 2017 Kia Sorento and the great lease special from $189/mo going on this month only at Allentown Kia.

    • The Ins and Outs of Apple CarPlay

      Sweeten your ride with Apple CarPlay, the smartphone integration option for your car's infotainment center. CarPlay is the smartest, safest way to use your iPhone on the road. CarPlay supplies hands-free access to essential apps like Maps, Phone, Messages, and Music. Check out our guide to the ins and outs of this cutting-edge software. We'll introduce the perks and even help you connect your iPhone to your infotainment system.

    • Top 5 Things to Know Before You Buy that Lifted Truck


      If you're looking for a lifted truck, what should you look out for? We've got five steps for you to take before you choose the right truck for you. Some of these steps you should take before you even look and some should happen at the dealership or with the seller. We want you to get the best lifted truck you possibly can--and these tips should help.

    • Used Diesel Truck Buying Guide


      For drivers with a need to tow major weight, there's no better option than a used diesel truck. We've created this used diesel truck buying guide for first-time buyers and those who may need a little refresher on what to look for in a heavy-duty hauler.

    • Used Truck Buying Guide


      For first-timers, buying a used truck can feel overly complicated. With any other kind of consumer model, you just pick a color, trim model, and features packages and you're on your way. However, with trucks, you face a lot more options. Knowing what those options mean will make all the difference in selecting the model that's right for you.

    • Warranty Work


      Warranties are one of the reasons that people prefer buying new cars, as a warranty can help ensure your peace of mind for years - or thousands of miles, whichever comes first - to come. But many used vehicles also have warranty options, which you may be able to use to help you find a less expensive vehicle with a similar amount of coverage. Should you require warranty work on your powertrain, for example, warranty coverage can keep you from breaking the bank.

    • What Should I Look for in a Used Lifted Truck?


      You're in the market for a lifted truck, and you've decided that a used lifted truck is the best option for your needs and your budget. What should you look for--and get checked--before you finalize your purchase? We have a used lifted truck buying guide that should help.

    • What You Need to Know About Car Loans


      When it's time for your next car, odds are that you'll be taking out a car loan to cover some of the costs. It's a good idea, then, to understand exactly what you're taking on when you sign the dotted line. If not, you could face budget problems or worse; loan delinquency can lead to serious problems. Head off any potential issues with careful planning and research. Making the right decisions about the type of car and loan you select will help you maintain a healthy monthly budget. Understanding how your credit score affects potential lender rates can also help you save money in the long run. Check out our guide and discover what you need to know about car loans.

    • What to Know Before Buying a Lifted Truck


      Is a lifted truck right for you? They're fun to look at, even more fun to drive, and give you options in the backwoods, snow, or water that you don't have with a stock truck. But, depending on what you use your truck for, will lifting it help or hurt?

  • Winterizing Your Vehicle

    Winterizing your vehicle isn't just good for your car or truck, it could save your life. Winter means decreased visibility, slippery roads, and plunging temperatures. Failing to winterize could mean not seeing the brake lights in front of you, not being able to brake in time, and having to deal with serious accidents in the frigid cold. Avoid all of that by prepping your car for winter.



  • Car Advocate Articles

    • Best Kia Cars for Allentown


      What kind of Kia car is best suited to your life in Allentown, Pennsylvania? Whether you're a seasoned government official or a Muhlenberg College student working at Starbucks, you'll love Kia's affordable take on quality, comfort, and modern fuel economy. Still, different Kia cars tend to appeal to different kinds of drivers. Check out our guide; we'll help you figure out which models you need to test-drive.

    • Best Kia Cars for Bethlehem


      There's a Kia car for every kind of Bethlehem driver. Which one is right for you? That all depends. Do you commute across Lehigh Valley for work every day? Are you a teenager shopping for your first car? No matter what your lifestyle, Allentown Kia has a model that suits your needs.

    • Best Kia Cars for Easton


      Which Kia car is right for your daily drive in Easton, Pennsylvania? Whether you're a Lafayette college student on a budget or a commuter headed Allentown or Bethlehem for work, we can help you find the Kia car that suits your needs. Check out our local buying guide to learn more.

    • Top Things to Do For Your Car in the Spring


      When the roads thaw and the winter sludge retreats, there's no better time for a tune-up. The cold season can be hard on your ride, what with the frequent snow storms, unexpected potholes, and all the salt on the road. Freshen up your performance with a little springtime car maintenance. Here are the top things you need to do to help maintain your car's reliable ride.

  • Suv Advocate Articles

    • 2018 Kia Niro Earns IIHS Top Safety Pick+


      The 2018 Kia Niro is more than a thrifty, family-friendly hybrid crossover - it's an IIHS 2018 Top Safety Pick+.

    • Best Kia SUVs for Allentown


      What's the best Kia SUV for your daily drive in Allentown, Pennsylvania? Believe it or not, Kia offers a crossover SUV for every kind of driver, whether you're working in one of our many excellent medical centers or making strides to open your new business. No matter what, our local buying guide is here to help you find the SUV that's right for you.

    • Best Kia SUVs for Bethlehem


      Driving is a daily part of all of our lives, but which Kia SUVs are right for Bethlehem residents? The answer, of course, depends on what kind of driver you are. Since Bethlehem is home to the state's largest casino and second-largest medical facility, our residents lead widely varying lifestyles. If you're wondering which Kia SUVs to choose, check out our SUV buying guide.

    • Best Kia SUVs for Easton


      What are the best Kia SUVs for life in Easton, Pennsylvania? Here, in our cozy corner of the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton metropolitan area, we're home to just about every kind of driver. We've got everything from super commuters, who travel to New York for work, to Lafayette College students on a budget to up-and-coming doctors and lawyers. If you're wondering which Kia SUVs you need to test-drive, take a look at our Easton SUV guide.

    • Kia vs Hyundai: Why Choose Kia?

      When you're shopping for a new car that's both budget-friendly and reliable, two automakers stand out: Kia and Hyundai. Both brands top the list of JD Power's Initial Quality Study, so you know you can count on them. These Korean manufacturers even have the same parent company, bringing the two brands closer together in terms of hardware and technology. So, what exactly is the difference between models made my Kia and Hyundai? And which should you choose?