AWD SUVs in Bethlehem

You would never go wrong with an SUV. In most cases, SUVs offer superior power, versatility, off-road capability, and hauling capability when compared with cars. However, you should not just acquire any SUV. You should try the AWD SUVs in Bethlehem at Allentown Kia. They are much safer and much more rewarding to drive than other types of SUVs. You would be better off with an AWD SUV in the rain or in the snow than you would with a regular SUV.

Our AWD SUVs come equipped with All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) systems that significantly improve traction on slippery road surfaces. These AWD systems distribute power and torque to all wheels; therefore, unlike 2WD SUVs that are only propelled by two wheels, AWD SUVs are propelled by all four wheels. This is advantageous because you would have twice as much road grip with an AWD SUV than you would have with a 2WD SUV. Therefore, you would be able to drive on wet or slippery roads with much less understeer or oversteer in an AWD SUV than you would in a 2WD SUV. You would also be able to better maintain directional control in an AWD SUV. In addition, cornering is also much easier and safer with AWD SUVs than it is with 2WD SUVs. When cornering, because all the wheels are being driven, there is more available grip for the cornering forces in AWD SUVs than there is in 2WD vehicles. Therefore, you can even accelerate while cornering when driving an AWD SUV; doing so with a 2WD SUV would be dangerous.

We at Allentown Kia have the largest selection of AWD SUVs in the Bethlehem area. Being a licensed Kia dealer, we have new Kia AWD SUVs like the new Kia Sportage AWD and the Kia Sorento AWD. We also have used AWD SUVs of many other different makes like Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, Cadillac, Dodge, GMC, Mazda, and many more. Therefore, you will be spoilt for choice at our dealership. You can see some of the AWD SUVs that we currently have here on our website when you click on ‘New Vehicles’ or ‘Pre-Owned’. Our new AWD SUVs are offered at the manufacturer recommended prices, and most of them come with discounts, rebates, cash back, and incentives that considerably reduce their prices. Our used AWD SUVs, on the other hand, are much more affordable. They come with arguably the best prices that you can get for such SUVs in the Bethlehem area.

In addition, we at Allentown Kia are also offering affordable auto loans for our AWD SUVs in Bethlehem. We have partnered with well-reputed lending institutions that are quoting low down payments on both new and used AWD SUVs. Therefore, even if you had not saved up for an SUV, it is possible for you to get one of these SUVs. In addition, our lenders also offer competitive interest rates and long auto loan repayment periods, so paying the monthly installments on these auto loans would not strain you financially. Therefore, rest assured that you can afford our AWD SUVs.

For more information on these SUVs, call Allentown Kia at 610-628-3831. You can also come to us at 2350 Lehigh Street, Allentown, PA 18103 for a test drive.

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