AWD SUVs in Quakertown

SUVs are great for families because they offer more spacious interiors than most other types of vehicles. Some SUVs can carry up to eight passengers, so even those with large families would be well catered for with SUVs. There are SUVs of different types on the market, but we at Allentown Kia recommend that you try AWD SUVs. AWD SUVs are safer to drive because they offer better road grip than 2WD or 4WD SUVs on slippery roads. Therefore, you would be more assured of the safety of your loved one with an AWD SUV. We at Allentown Kia are offering the top quality AWD SUVs in Quakertown. We are renown in the entire Quakertown area for our high quality vehicles, so rest assured that you like the AWD SUV that you would get at Allentown Kia.

AWD SUVs feature all-wheel-drive drivetrains. These drivetrains are mostly characterized by three differentials: one differential on both the front and rear axles, and a center differential that distributes power to the front and the rear axles at the same time. Therefore, with AWD SUVs, all the wheels are driven at the same time. One of the benefits of this is in performance. AWD SUVs accelerate better than 2WD SUVs because all four wheels of the AWD SUVs thrust the SUV forward, unlike 2WD SUVs that are only propelled by two wheels. Therefore, if you love the thrill that comes with sprinting down the highway at break-neck speeds, then you should consider getting an AWD SUV. Another benefit of AWD is SUVs is in off-road driving. When driving on muddy or sandy dirt trails, you are much less likely to get stuck with an AWD SUV than with a 2WD SUV. AWD systems are designed to send more power to the axle or wheels that have better road grip at any particular time. Thanks to this, AWD SUVs are able to get themselves through the most slippery patches of road. Yet another benefit that you would get with AWD SUVs is superior towing capability. AWD SUVs can tow more confidently and capably on both pavement and off-road surfaces because of the fact that all wheels are being driven at the same time. The maximum towing capacities of AWD SUVs are also higher.

The satisfaction of our customers is what drives us at Allentown Kia. To match the needs of our customers, we have significantly grown our selection of AWD SUVs in Quakertown in the last few years. Our AWD SUVs are both new and used. Our new AWD SUVs mostly comprise of Kia AWD SUVs i.e. the new Kia Sportage AWD and Kia Sorento AWD.  We also have used AWD SUVs from many different makes like Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Chevrolet, Dodge, Hyundai, and many more. You can have a look at our current offering here on our website or you can visit our dealership.

Our prices are equally good; they are very pocket friendly. In addition, there are AWD SUVs of different types to choose from, so there is a wide range of prices. You would be sure to get an AWD SUV that fits your budget. You can also opt to have it financed with an auto loan that comes with a low interest rate. Call Allentown Kia today at 610-628-3831 to schedule a test drive in one of our AWD SUVs

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