AWD Vehicles in Bethlehem

When given the choice between regular vehicles and AWD vehicles, many people opt for AWD vehicles, and with good reason. AWD vehicles are safer to drive because they offer superior road traction. They are especially important for people who reside in snow-prone areas or in areas that get a lot of rain and thunder storms. The best place to get AWD vehicles in Bethlehem is Allentown Kia. We at Allentown Kia have been supplying the people of Bethlehem and other neighboring towns like Quakertown, Easton, Lehighton, Northampton, and Reading with high quality AWD vehicles for many years, and all our customers have been satisfied with the vehicles that they have gotten from us over the years. Allentown Kia is also the best place in Bethlehem to take your AWD vehicle for service or repairs. We at Allentown Kia have a team of certified auto experts that are trained and experienced in AWD vehicle repair. They have worked on AWD systems of different makes and brands, both mechanical and electronic. Therefore, rest assured that they would be able to accurately address all the problems that your AWD vehicle would develop.

You would never go wrong with AWD vehicles. They come equipped with All-Wheel-Drive drivetrains. Unlike front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive drivetrains that only propel two wheels, All-Wheel-Drive drivetrains distribute power and torque to all the wheels. Power is split between the front and rear axles and sent to each wheel. Therefore, AWD drivetrains are useful on slippery road surfaces when different wheels are getting different measures of road grip from moment to moment. You would not have worry about understeer or oversteer with an AWD vehicle; the AWD drivetrain would ensure that you maintain directional control at all times. 4WD drivetrains also propel all four wheels, but unlike All-Wheel-Drive drivetrains, they are not on all the time. Most 4WD vehicles run primarily in 2WD, and then the 4WD drivetrain is activated manually or electronically when driving on low traction surfaces like snow or mud. With AWD vehicles, you have the convenience of having all the wheels being propelled all the time. Therefore, you would be assured of superior traction even when driving in the city.

In addition, our AWD vehicles in Bethlehem are of many types. We have AWD sedans/coupes, AWD hatchbacks, AWD minivans, and AWD SUVs. Our AWD vehicles are also of many different makes and brands. Our new AWD vehicles comprise mainly of Kia vehicles, so if you like Kia vehicles, you would be able to get any AWD Kia vehicle that you would want at our dealership. Our used AWD vehicles are of over 20 other different makes. The auto experts at Allentown Kia have inspected and serviced all our used AWD vehicles and have given then a clean bill of health. Therefore, rest assured that any AWD vehicle that you would get at Allentown Kia is in excellent condition. You can see most of the new and used AWD vehicle offerings that we have here on our website when you click on ‘New Vehicles’ or ‘Pre-Owned’.

If you are not sure about which AWD vehicle you should get, come and talk to the authorized representatives at Allentown Kia. They understand the features and capabilities of all our AWD vehicles, so they would be able to give you sound advice as concerns which vehicle you should acquire. 

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