AWD Vehicles in Quakertown

If you are given the chance to choose between an AWD vehicle and regular 2WD vehicle, you should go for the AWD vehicle. AWD vehicles offer superior traction on slippery or loose-surface roads, so they are great for driving on rough terrain or on muddy, wet, or snowy roads. You would have superior control on such roads with AWD vehicles; you would not get stuck or lose control in a hurry. Therefore, if you reside in places that are prone to getting a lot of rainfall or snow, you should definitely get yourself an AWD vehicle.  The best place to get AWD Vehicles in Quakertown is Allentown Kia. We have supplied many people in the Quakertown area with high quality AWD vehicles in the last few years.

We at Allentown Kia take the quality and functionality of our AWD vehicles very seriously. We only source them from sources that can show that they have been maintaining those vehicles well; sources that can provide service history reports for their vehicles. In addition, we at Allentown Kia go a step further to refurbish these vehicles.  Our highly trained mechanical experts are tasked with thoroughly inspecting and testing all the AWD vehicles that we acquire. They ensure that all the parts, fluids, and systems of these vehicles are in their best condition, and they replace all defective or worn out parts only with new original parts. Therefore, you can count on the safety, capability, and performance of our AWD vehicles; they would never break down on you.

Our AWD Vehicles in Quakertown come with two types of AWD drivetrain systems. Our older AWD vehicles come with mechanical AWD systems that feature three differentials: one on each axle and a central differential that disburses power and torque to both the front and the rear axles in varying measures. Our more recent AWD vehicles feature electronic AWD systems with special computers that monitor traction and wheel speed constantly using sensors. When wheelslip, over-steer or under-steer are detected, these electronic AWD systems automatically redirect more power to the wheels that have the best traction. Both of these types of AWD systems assure you of excellent balance and control at all times; they also give a superior assurance of on-road safety. Therefore, you would indeed find it quite worthwhile to acquire an AWD vehicle. 

In addition to that, all AWD Vehicles in Quakertown come in different types and models. You can never miss what you are looking for. We have different types, from AWD SUVs and sedans to AWD minivans and hatchbacks. If you like Kia AWD vehicles, then you would have a field day at Allentown Kia because we have very many AWD Kia vehicles. We also have AWD vehicles of many other different makes. You will definitely not miss what you are looking for at our dealership. Browse through our online inventory to see our current offerings.

If you need more-detailed information on our AWD vehicles, you can always call our sales office at Allentown Kia at 610-628-3831. You can also come to our offices at 2350 Lehigh Street, Allentown, PA 18103. Our sales representatives will warmly assist you with all the information that you would want.

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