AWD Vehicles in Reading

If you live in areas that get a lot of snow or rainfall, you should consider getting an AWD vehicle. Regular front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive vehicles are great for on-pavement driving, but they do not offer as much value on slippery roads as you would get from AWD vehicles. AWD vehicles offer better road grip on all types of roads. This is thanks to the fact that in AWD vehicles, all wheels are propelled. An AWD vehicle would remain sure-footed even in heavy rainfall or snow storms; it would not slip and lose control in a hurry. Therefore, for the safety and well being of you and your friends or family members, get an AWD vehicle. You can get good quality AWD vehicles in Reading at Allentown Kia.

Our AWD Vehicles Are Ready For Off-road Adventures

AWD vehicles are also great for off-road driving. The AWD systems of these vehicles monitor traction and wheel speed at all times. When the sensors of these AWD systems detect wheelslip, oversteer, and understeer, they send more power and torque to the wheels that have the best road grip. Thanks to this, AWD vehicles can traverse the most challenging terrains without getting stuck.

Affordable AWD Vehicles

Our AWD vehicles are affordable. We at Allentown Kia have set low prices on all our AWD vehicles for the benefit of our customers. If your funds are really limited, then you should try our ‘specials'. We are offering new and used AWD vehicle specials that feature extraordinary discounts and incentives. Click on 'specials' here on our website to see our current specials offerings. Therefore, rest assured that you would be able to get an AWD vehicle that fits your budget.

Get Higher Resale Values With AWD Vehicles

Another advantage that you would get with our AWD vehicles is higher resale values. AWD vehicles tend to depreciate in value much slower than regular vehicles. This is because AWD vehicles tend to last longer and also because people are always looking to buy AWD vehicles. Therefore, when you would want to resell your AWD vehicle, you would not have a hard time selling it. In addition, you would sell it at much more than you would sell a regular vehicle.

Get Any AWD Vehicle You Would Want

The best place to go for AWD vehicles in Reading is Allentown Kia. This is because we at Allentown Kia have arguably the largest selection of AWD vehicles in Reading and other neighboring towns like Philadelphia, Quakertown, Easton, Lehighton, and Northampton. We have both new and used AWD vehicles. Our new AWD vehicles comprise of Kia vehicles like the Kia Sportage AWD and the Kia Sorento AWD. Our used AWD vehicles, on the other hand, are of many different makes like Chevrolet, Subaru, Cadillac, GMC, Hyundai, Nissan, and many more. In addition, our used AWD vehicles are also not limited to SUVs. We also have AWD sedans, minivans and station wagons, so you would be able to get an AWD vehicle that comes in your preferred body style.

In addition, we at Allentown Kia are also offering very affordable auto loans for all our AWD vehicles. We have a large network of lenders that offer quick auto loan approvals and that offer very favorable auto loan terms. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply for them. Come to Allentown Kia at 2350 Lehigh Street, Allentown, PA 18103 to see all the AWD vehicles that we currently have.

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