Best Kia Cars for Allentown

Best Kia Cars for Allentown

What kind of Kia car is best suited to your life in Allentown, Pennsylvania? Whether you're a seasoned government official or a Muhlenberg College student working at Starbucks, you'll love Kia's affordable take on quality, comfort, and modern fuel economy. Still, different Kia cars tend to appeal to different kinds of drivers. Check out our guide; we'll help you figure out which models you need to test-drive.

2018 Kia Rio: Youthful Style, Affordable Performance


The Rio is perfect for students and anyone who has to drive across town to get to work. Its MSRP starts at only $13,900, putting it within the reach of most budgets. More than that, though, the Rio earns excellent fuel economy, with EPA ratings of up to 29 city/37 highway mpg. If you live in Westwood Heights, but have to travel all the way to Center City during rush hour every day, the Rio will help you make the most of your fuel budget.

2018 Kia Forte: Modern Tech & Excellent Fuel Economy


The Forte is a bit more expensive than the Rio, but it still keeps payments low with an MSRP of only $16,800. This is another great option for drivers on a budget - students and budding business owners alike will love its fuel-efficient performance. The Forte earns up to 29/37 mpg, so you can make the most of your fuel budget.

Best of all, the Forte is loaded with infotainment options that keep you company when the roads to Center City are congested. You can equip every trim model with the Uvo infotainment system. It uses Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity to display smartphone apps on your central touchscreen, so it's easy to call work if you're going to be late or switch music playlists without lifting a finger from the wheel.

2018 Kia Optima: A Smooth, Family-Friendly Ride


The Optima capitalizes on the aforementioned fuel economy and tech features with a family-friendly cabin and a smooth, quiet ride. For Allentown residents, this means a comfortable family road trip, whether you're hitting the boardwalk in Seaside Heights or sampling the best eateries in Brooklyn. As a daily driver, the Optima will get you across town with fuel to spare, even when Interstate 78 or the Lehigh Valley Throughway is at its most congested. The gas-powered Optima earns up to 28/37 mpg. And, if you're looking for greater fuel economy for an especially long commute, check out the Optima Hybrid, which delivers 39/46 mpg.

2018 Kia Cadenza: Full-Size, High-End Comfort


This full-size sedan brings you the best in everything Kia has to offer: a smooth, world-class performance, interior luxury, and modern fuel economy. And, in true Kia style, you get all of this at a very reasonable rate. With its standard leather upholstery and cozy heated seats, the Cadenza is perfect for Allentown residents who want a cushy ride to work but still want enough money leftover at the end of the year to add to their kids' college funds. When the weekend arrives, you don't have to think twice about filling the Cadenza's 16 cubic feet of cargo space with a couple of golf bags and head to the Allentown Municipal Golf Course for a day of leisure.