Certified Pre-Owned Kias Bethlehem

Do not hesitate to buy Allentown Kia’s certified pre-owned Kias in Bethlehem. Kia vehicles are a worthwhile investment. Kia is South Korea's second-largest automobile manufacturer, and it has proved over the years that it puts quality first in its vehicles. Kia vehicles are first of all reliable and durable. They fair well even in the most challenging driving conditions, and they outlast many of the other vehicles in their different classes. In addition, Kia vehicles are also offer great value when it comes to turbocharged and hybrid powered engines. The technology that is used in building Kia engines is quite advanced. Kia turbocharged and hybrid powered engines deliver awesome power and inspiring fuel efficiency. Therefore, you would never go wrong with Kia vehicles.

The certified pre-owned Kia vehicles at Allentown Kia would be perfect for you if you do not have enough money to buy new Kia vehicles. These certified vehicles cost less than new vehicles yet offer quality that compares closely to that of new vehicles. Our certified pre-owned Kia vehicles are unique to other pre-owned vehicles because unlike regular pre-owned vehicles that have been serviced locally, these vehicles have passed through the hands of the auto experts at Kia Motor Corporation. The auto experts at Kia have painstakingly inspected all the parts and components of these vehicles for defects in a bid to restore them to their best possible condition. They have also refurbished them and certified them to be in optimum condition. Therefore, our certified pre-owned Kia vehicles can complete on any level with new Kia vehicles.

Another worthwhile advantage that you would get with these certified pre-owned Kia vehicles is nil maintenance costs for a period. These certified pre-owned Kia vehicles come with extended warranty periods, and while these warranties are in effect, Kia handles the cost of maintaining these vehicles. Therefore, all you would be left to do is just fuel the car. In addition, with these warranties, you also get roadside assistance 24 hours a day. Therefore, if the car would break down or get involved in an accident, help would be sent to you quickly.

In addition, it also important to note that you would save more in terms of value with our certified pre-owned Kias in Bethlehem than with new Kia vehicles. New Kia vehicles would retail at approximately 15%-20% less than their selling prices just days after being bought from a dealership, and that percentage would increase to even 30% less after the first three years. Certified pre-owned Kia vehicles, on the other hand, would only lose maybe 7%-10% in resale value in a period of 2-3 years. Therefore, you would do better in terms of savings with certified pre-owned Kia vehicles.

We at Allentown Kia have the largest selection of certified pre-owned Kia vehicles in Allentown owing to the fact that we are Allentown’s leading Kia vehicle dealer. You can get certified pre-owned Kia vehicles of many types e.g. subcompact cars, compact cars, midsize cars, compact crossovers, midsize crossovers, and even minivans. You can see most of these certified pre-owned Kia vehicles here in our online inventory. You could also come to Allentown Kia at 2350 Lehigh Street, Allentown, PA 18103 to test drive any of these vehicles. Our friendly staffs would help you to choose the vehicle that best suits you, depending on your financial situation. If you would want an auto loan, our staffs would also help you through the auto loan application process.

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