Cheap AWD Vehicles Bethlehem

When given the choice between a regular vehicle and an AWD vehicle, you should go for the AWD vehicle. All things considered, AWD vehicles are safer to drive than 2WD vehicles. They offer better road grip and superior cornering control. In AWD vehicles, power is transferred through an all-wheel-drive drivetrain to all the wheels unlike 2WD vehicles that have power sent to only two wheels. These AWD drivetrains are electronically controlled in most modern vehicles. These modern AWD systems use sensors on each wheel to continuously monitor traction and wheel speed. When wheelslip, understeer, or oversteer are detected, the AWD system automatically redirects more power to the wheels that have better road grip, and this results in the quick restoration of stability and directional control. Therefore, you live or work in areas that get a lot of snow or rain, you would be better off with an AWD vehicle.

It is true that AWD vehicles tend to be more expensive than 2WD vehicle, but buying a good quality AWD vehicle does not have to bankrupt you. Many people believe that it would cost you an arm and a leg to get a good quality AWD vehicle, but this is not so. You can get high quality AWD vehicles at very affordable prices at Allentown Kia. We at Allentown Kia are well known for our cheap AWD vehicles in Bethlehem. We have set low prices on all our AWD vehicles to make them more affordable for all. In addition, we have the widest selection of AWD vehicles in the Bethlehem area, so there are many AWD vehicles to choose from, and they are of different price ranges. Therefore, you would be sure to get an AWD vehicle that is just right for you. You can see the current offerings that we have when you click on ‘Pre-Owned’.

In addition to offering low prices for our AWD vehicles, we at Allentown Kia have also made these vehicles more affordable by offering favorable options like vehicle financing and trade-ins. Our auto financing for these AWD vehicles is facilitated by a network of lending institutions that have partnered with us. These lending institutions all offer auto loans with low down payments that you would be able to comfortably afford. Their auto loans also come with reduced interest rates and long payment schedules, so you would also be assured of reasonable monthly installments that would easily fit into your monthly budget. Therefore, even if you had not put away some money for an AWD vehicle, you can easily acquire one of these vehicles. The trade-in option would make these AWD vehicles even more affordable for you. This is because if you would trade in your used vehicle, it would offset a large chunk of the value of the AWD vehicle. The small balance that would remain would be paid off in very easy installments over an agreed period. With these options, your dream of owning an AWD vehicle can definitely come true.

Drop by our offices today to schedule a test drive in one of our cheap AWD vehicles in Bethlehem. If you are not sure about which AWD vehicle to choose, our friendly staffs will help you with that. They know all the attributes of the AWD vehicles that we have, so they will help to align your needs and preferences with the right AWD vehicle.

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