Crew Cab vs Quad Cab vs Regular Cab: Which One To Choose?

Crew Cab vs Quad Cab vs Regular Cab: Which One To Choose?

Truck buying puts a lot of configurations at your disposal, but choosing between the crew cab, quad cab, and regular cab is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Before you head out to the dealership to test-drive your various options, give our guide the quick once-over. In it, we highlight some of the main reasons why you would choose one cabin type over the other.

The Regular Cab

You don't see as many of these on the road anymore, but the classic regular cabin is still the best way to create an old-school work truck. When you choose the regular cabin, you can seat up to three passengers and cruise to work with elbow room to spare. The regular cabin can be paired with either the mid-size 6'4'' bed or the long 8' bed. And, if you've got lumber or other long cargo to haul, you should note that this cabin is the only one that can be mated to the long 8' bed.


The Quad Cab

The Quad cabin seats up to six passengers in spacious comfort. It's perfect for drivers who haul a crew around over short distances. The Quad cabin can even moonlight as a family hauler. On weekends, the kids can pile into the backseat for family trips into the mountains or up the coast. However, when you select this cabin option, you should keep in mind that bed-size options are limited. The Quad cab is paired with the mid-size 6'4'' bed only.


The Crew Cab

The main benefit of the crew cabin is interior space - and plenty of it. That's especially true in the backseat, where one can't help but enjoy the extra leg room. If your company spends a lot of time on the road, the crew cabin's roomy, supportive seating will have your whole gang looking forward to the ride. A truck with the crew cabin can be paired with either the short 5'7'' bed or the mid-size 6'4'' bed.