Finding Cheap Used Lifted Trucks

Finding Cheap Used Lifted Trucks

Finding Cheap Used Lifted Trucks

If you're looking for a great deal on cheap used lifted trucks, we have some tips for you!


Search Online

It may seem sort of obvious, but trolling the internet for all of the dealerships and mechanics local to you that have lifted trucks in their inventory can help you find the best deal. When you're looking for cheap used lifted trucks, you need to know what kind of truck you're looking but it can help to know the places that might have them. Look for local lifted truck communities online as well, like Facebook groups and neighborhood boards, because they can often have information that you might not get anywhere else.


Find a Great Mechanic

If you're buying a cheap used lifted truck, you need a great mechanic who knows his or her way around lifted trucks. Mechanics know a lot more than buyers, usually, and may know owners who are willing to sell. The good news is that once you hook up with a great mechanic, you can have him or her check out any vehicle you're considering.


Buy a Used Truck and Modify It Yourself

This may be more than you were thinking, but another route to a cheap used lifted truck is to find a great used truck and modify it yourself. If you've already found a great mechanic, you can work with a reputable dealer who can help you find a great cheap used truck first. Ultimately, you need a great truck to be the foundation of any lift kit or suspension changes you make, so working with a dealer can help you find a used truck that has a clean history and has the rubber stamp from their service department


Modify Your Used Truck on a Budget

Once you've found your great cheap used truck, lift it on a budget! Torsion keys are one route. Aftermarket torsion keys that add 1 to 1.5 inches of height without messing up any of the factory settings. These kits normally come with shock extensions so that you can keep everything at factory specs. Another option is a leveling kit, which adds 1 to 3 inches by using the front coil spring by inserting coil spacers or strut extensions into the coil-over strut suspension.

Another option is a body lift. A body lift gives you up to three inches of height, doesn't affect the suspension, and gives you the flexibility to fit tires that are two to three inches taller than the standard tires you got. Not everyone loves a body lift, partly because bumpers and some other parts of the frame need to be changed with heavy duty bumper brackets and spacers and the steering shaft has to be extended. But if you're looking to lift on a budget, this might be one route.