Kia Cadenza Reading

The Kia Cadenza in Reading is a sedan produced by KIA, renowned for its fusion of technology with excellent performance. Purchase the sedan at a good price by visiting Allentown Kia today!

Thanks to new changes and advances in refinement, the 2017 Kia Cadenza is finally getting closer to reaching its goals and becoming the true luxury car it tends to be. The large sedan is available in just three flavors - SXL, Premium, and Technology - featuring only a single powertrain choice. This makes it easy for buyers who love comfort to choose a trim, especially those who want a luxury-car feel and need to purchase one, without burning a hole in their wallets.

In terms of exterior styling, the Kia Cadenza in Reading is strongly European-influenced and presents an upscale look that is never been seen before by a Korean automaker. The sedan is the brand's true flagship vehicle, which although may look a little similar to the k900, proves to exuberate its own unique styling cues. With aerodynamic styling, curvy design, and solid proportions, the sedan successfully manages to stand strong against some admittedly good-looking rivals.

Premium models ride on 19-inch wheels and utilize their own grille treatment, while SXL and Technology grades feature 19-inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Rubber and a slightly different front and rear fascia. All trims and configurations of the Kia Cadenza in Reading though feature LED running lamps that are carved into a "Z-Shape" both at the front and at the rear. If you opt for the SXL and Technology model, you will even get full LED Fog lights and headlights.

In terms of interior styling, the Cadenza uses many cues from the 2017 model. There are plentiful of differences though too. For instance, the overall look of the sedan is better laid-out and more cohesive than last year and material quality is up all around. The Cadenza also features an optional, new head-up display that shows drivers important information like turn-by-turn navigation directions and speed data on the windshield, which is directly in the drivers' line of sight.

This typically enables drivers to see important vehicular information, without the need of taking eyes off the road (often the case without a heads-up display, which results in many distractions leading to accidents and collisions). Standard on the Kia Cadenza in Reading is a shift snob, leather seating, and leather-wrapped steering wheel. There is also Kia's UVO infotainment system, which features Apply CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration for listening/watching music, videos, and messages.

Other new features include the smart trunk, which opens automatically open detecting the key fob in your pocket. This proves to be incredibly useful when going grocery shopping and you have large bags you need to store in the trunk. For performance, the Cadenza comes equipped with a 3.3-Liter V6, DOHC 24-Valve Engine that is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, producing an estimated of 253 lb-ft torque and 290 horsepower. A center console switch toggles between four drive models: Smart, Sport, Eco and Comfort, each giving the vehicle slightly different personalities.

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