Kia K900 Bethlehem

Have you ever wanted to drive a luxury vehicle, but without paying a huge luxury price? If you have, we may have the perfect car for you. It is the Kia K900, or Kia K9 as it is known elsewhere in the world. It is a full-size luxury car and it is the top car sold by the Kia brand. It has been sold in the United States since 2013 and it is one of the most popular makes that the company sells.

The vehicle has a very sporty stance to it, and is shorter than the hyundai Equus make. The tiger nose grill, the blind spot assist, head up display and adaptive front lighting system make it a great vehicle to have on the open road. Running with a 3.3L to 5L engine, and going all the way up to a V8, it is a vehicle that has a lot of power under the hood. The top version of the vehicle has an extremely powerful 420-horsepower engine, so you know you are getting a lot of heft to the vehicle when you press down that gas pedal. The interior is comfortable, the back seat has plenty of room and the ride is very quiet.

Looking at the fuel economy, the most recent incarnation of the vehicle operates on 15 to 18 miles per gallon in the city and 23 to 27 miles per gallon on the highway.

On the inside, the vehicle features wood and leather trim, and many features that are standard for an upscale car like this. The vehicle is very quiet and firm on the road, giving you a great ride even on a bumpy road.

As you drive down the vehicle, you may worry about safety with the luxury car but don’t worry. The Kia K900 in Bethlehem at our Allentown Kia dealership is a step above when it comes to safety. It features several safety items including lane-departure graphics, routing information, numeric speed, HUD displays and much more. It also has electronic safety systems, adaptive cruise control, parking guidance and a lane-departure warning system.

When you come looking for a Kia K900 in Bethlehem, we are going to be happy to help you at our Allentown dealership. We will be happy to get you out on the road with your K900, no matter if you buy new or used. We will just be happy to see you driving a luxury car, and feeling great about yourself. How can you not feel great driving a luxury car? It is a fantastic feeling to be on the road with one. You can now enjoy that feeling because you are going to be getting a Kia K900 in Bethlehem at our Allentown dealership. Let our expert staff show you the Kia K900 that is right for you, and let us make your luxury dream car dream come true. All it takes is the first step from you to come to the dealership and find the vehicle you want.

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