Kia K900 Quakertown

Choose the Kia K900 in Quakertown

Going into a dealership can feel like a daunting prospect. You have to go and talk to people who are trying to sell you something that is somewhat expensive. It can be something you want to avoid, but it does not have to be. When you come to a dealership like Allentown Kia, you are coming to a dealership that prides itself on putting the customer first. We are not here to sell you a car, we are here to make new friends and you can be our new friend. There is no pressure for you to have to buy from us. You can just come in and look around and see what strikes your fancy. There is no pressure here, just have fun with looking at the cars.

We have the largest selection of vehicles in the entire area and there is no way you are going to find more vehicles elsewhere. That selection is a key part of our business because we believe that customers will make the best decision when they have lots of options. Well, we want to give you plenty of options to choose from. We want you to be excited about your purchase, and excited to begin your new life with a Kia vehicle.

Why a Kia vehicle? Well, there are several reasons for that but the biggest is that the Kia brand is one of the most trusted brands in the entire world. The Kia brand strives for quality, design and safety, and they stand by every single car they sell.

If you want to find a great little luxury car but that is not priced like a luxury car, then you should give some serious thought to buying a Kia K900 in Quakertown. A sporty car, it runs on a V8 engine that has a stunning 420-horsepower engine under the hood.

That power comes with some good mileage to. You can expect to have 15 to 18 miles in the city, and a further 23 to 27 miles per gallon when you are on the highway. That is actually really good mileage for a sporty vehicle.

Looking over at safety, the Kia K900 is actually quite safe, and features a number different safety features including HUD displays, lane-departure graphics, adaptive cruise control, parking guidance and much more. Having that safety means that even while you are roaring down the highway, your family will be safe inside the vehicle with you.

Speaking of inside of the vehicle, it is actually quite stunning with wood and leather trim, as well as several features to help make the ride smooth and quiet. When you drive down the road, you will hear the conversation of people around you, not of the road rumbling through the vehicle.

When you are looking for a Ki900 in Quakertown, come down to Allentown Kia and let us find the perfect vehicle for you. If you love luxury, then the Kia K900 may be just that perfect vehicle.

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