Kia Optima Pottstown

The Kia Optima in Pottstown is a mid-size sedan that perfectly blends advanced technology with heart-pounding performance and bold style. Buy the brand-new sedan from Allentown KIA.

Designed, marketed and manufactured by KIA, the Optima is a famous mid-size sedan that entered the markets way back in 2001. Undergoing 15 years of innovation, the sedan is now more capable, versatile, and reliable than ever. Kia has made sure to equip the sedan with a range of exceptional infotainment and safety features, which enhance overall functionality and protection. The sedan also proves to be incredibly stylish from its interior and exterior, giving it a distinct look than most mid-size vehicles.

As soon as you open the door of the Kia Optima in Pottstown, you’ll find a modern and spacious interior that is enhanced with premium stitching, bold accents, and soft-touch materials, all of which combine together to give passengers and the driver top quality comfort and luxury, whether it is for commuting purposes or long road trips and cross country trips. The moment you slide behind the wheel, you will also notice a more spacious and quieter cabin that is armed with the latest technologies/amenities.

As a result, the mid-size sedan perfectly manages to deliver that perfect environment that exudes great driving and travelling pleasure. KIA has updated the driver-side console of the Kia Optima in Pottstown too, which now features a horizontal and cleaner design that helps create a greater sense of space and streamlines ergonomics. Enhanced sound-absorbing windows, re-contoured mirrors, improved body stiffness and cabin-sound insulation further promote a quieter and comfortable ride.

Available heated steering further boots comfort and luxury by keeping the drivers’ hands warm during cold winter days of snowing and constant raining with high speed winds. KIA has also equipped the brand-new mid-size sedan with its famous 6-way power adjustment seats, along with available 12-way drive and 10-way power-adjustable seats. For even more superior comfort, buyers have the option of adding available ventilated and heated seats that feature supportive seat bolsters and available cushion softness scientifically designed with varying levels of key touch points for maximum comfort.

In terms of exterior styling, the Kia Optima in Pottstown is completely updated at every corner with a redesigned Kia’s signature Tiger nose grill and striking rear and front fascia with new bumpers, vents, headlights and taillights. KIA has also made sure to give the Optima a more classy and stylish look. As such, you can notice curves and aerodynamic cues in all the right places. This makes the mid-size sedans exterior a masterpiece of function and form.

Precisely calculated styling cues and well-proportioned, all the design details of the Kia make the mid-size sedan look just as appealing as it is to drive. The new model tends to have a swoopier and more coupe-like roofline, which offers additional headroom. Proportions are almost like those of rear-wheel drive sporty sedan. Do you plan to buy the Kia Optima in Pottstown? If so, then feel free to visit than Allentown KIA. We offer the most amazing deals, discounts, and specials on your car purchase, along with help in the form of financing (leasing and sub-prime loans), extended warranties, and roadside assistance programs.

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