Kia Rio Bethlehem

When you come on down to our dealership, you are going to see a lot of Kias on the lot. You are going to see nearly every kind of Kia you can think of, and that is good. The more Kias you see, the more selection you have and the greater the chance you are going to find the perfect Kia for you. You will come to our lot and you will see the Kias, but you know what Kia you should really consider? The Kia Rio.

The Kia Rio is a small car, but it is a great car. It is a car that is going to get you from Point A to Point B but it is not going to make you pay too much in fuel to do so.

You can find a great Kia Rio in Bethlehem at our dealership, but why should you choose this vehicle?

Apart from its great look and its great form, there are several reasons to consider the Kia Rio. The crisp European lines is one reason, as is the high-quality cabin. The smooth power train is other great reason why. Running at 138-horsepower, this vehicle is not as fast as the others in the Kia line but it sure can get you moving down the road on the highway with just enough gusto.

In all, you have 13.7 cubic feet of storage space in the back trunk, but if you put the seats down you are going to get even more space.

Looking at safety, the IIHS has rated it as a good safety car with several highlights to ensure that you don’t have to worry as you drive down the highway with your family. They are going to be safe, and you are going to be safe, despite it being a smaller car.

Where the vehicle really shines is the fuel mileage. This subcompact car is able to get 31 miles per gallon combined on the highway and in the city. That means you are going to be spending less money as you drive around the city, or in the country. Less money spent means more money in your pocket and a happier you as a result.

The Kia Rio is small, but it is mighty, so don’t discount it as an option when you go to our Allentown dealership.

When you do search for a Kia Rio in Bethlehem and you come to Allentown Kia, don’t feel like you are being pressured to buy a vehicle simply because you are there. There is a no-pressure sales atmosphere at our dealership and we want you to feel comfortable when you are buying a car. We want you to buy the right car, not the closest car, and we want you to be so happy with your purchase that you come back for your next car, and your next car and so on. Take the Allentown Kia challenge and see why we are simply the best when it comes to Kia.

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