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Looking for a reasonably priced subcompact crossover vehicle that delivers amazing performance and fuel efficiency? Explore Allentown Kia’s huge inventory or purchase the new KIA Soul in Allentown.

Manufactured, marketed, and designed by KIA, the Soul is a front-wheel-drive, front-engine subcompact crossover vehicle that made its entry into the marketplace in 2009. The car was first introduced as a compact crossover SUV, but was later redesigned and remarketed as a subcompact crossover to target the budget-car industry. The vehicle is manufactured at KIA’s main plant in South Korea and has been a hit in the subcompact crossover segment – delivering amazing performance and fuel-efficiency.

Currently in its second generation, Kia has introduced a new 2017 model that has undergone a complete makeover in terms of exterior and interior styling. You can easily purchase this car from Allentown Kia and avail amazing discounts and offers. However, before you think about buying the 2017 KIA RIO, you need to learn a little about its performance, interior, exterior, safety, and infotainment features. So, let us look below to learn more about what the 2017 KIA Soul offers its prospective buyers.

Why Should You Purchase the 2017 KIA Soul from Allentown Kia?

The KIA Soul in Allentown holds the title of being one of the most fashionable and space-efficient vehicles on the market. It is the perfect vehicle for city-dwellers and small families, who just need a small, yet spacious car that meets all storage and seating needs. Since the crossover has a small size, it is also easier to park in tight spots and places. You also don’t need to simultaneously look at the fuel gauge, as a onetime fill is good enough to ride for miles upon miles.

In fact, the vehicle has no trouble in delivering 24 MGG in the city and 31 MPG on the highway. This is probably one of the main reasons why it has earned a good position in the marketplace, as the vehicle is incredibly cost-efficient to drive. It is also easier and less costly to maintain, as the Soul continues to defy classification. It’s a small crossover, but it doesn’t share the same swept-back profile that is noticed on most small five-door vehicles. It’s the perfect small utility vehicle that is low, lean, and sleek – all at the same time.

Its boxy profile is also like no other car on the market, and the KIA Soul successfully manages to capitalize on its spaciousness – allowing for more space to store cargo and transport a maximum of five people. The design is such that the crossover subcompact looks function from the front end, but the rear end of the vehicle is dominated by tall taillamps that add a bit of a sportier touch. Inside, the Soul is as perfect as it is on the outside. The car doesn’t get too overt with the styling.

It feels sophisticated, functional, spacious, and luxurious to the right amount with exceptional features like ambient lighting and soft-touch materials. Upon entering the car, you also don’t feel like your entering a small inexpensive ride. Kia has made sure to equip the Soul with premium bits, which include speakers that are elevated atop side vents on the dash, a center-stack that is intuitive and gives access to all infotainment, audio and climate controls, a strong grip steering wheel, and a sporty gauge cluster.

Performance of the vehicle is also exceptional, and the Kia Soul in Allentown certainly doesn’t over-deliver. The vehicle is incredibly athletic in some respects and its easy-drive makes it a top choice among owners who appreciate decent handling and control. The subcompact crossover features a standard 1.6-Liter inline-4 engine (offered with a 6-speed manual gearbox) that has the capability of producing 118 lb-ft of torque and 130 horsepower.

However, if you are looking for improved performance, you can even purchase the 2.0-Liter engine model that generates 151 lb-ft of torque and 164 horsepower (perfectly adequate for commuting and driving on the highway). Engines that are offered with automatic transmission are also quick to respond with up-shifts and downshifts are needed – when accelerating/decelerating between traffic or while taking rough corners and turns. Four-wheel disk brakes also enhance braking capability.

In terms of safety, the car manages to do quite well too. When compared to other small cars, the Kia Soul in Allentown has a stronger body structure, which makes it the best small-vehicle pick for the safety-conscious buyers. The Kia Soul earned top “Good” ratings in all tests (including the new small-overlap test) and also managed to secure top five-star overall federal safety ratings from the NHTSA in all categories, minus rollover resistance.

As a result, you can feel assured your purchase will keep you safe at all times. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something different, you can explore our huge inventory of subcompact vehicles.  For more information about the Kia Soul in Allentown, do not hesitate on visiting Allentown Kia or calling us at [+1 610-791-1900].

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