Luxury Used Trucks Quakertown

The terms truck and luxury are not normally mentioned together. It is rare to hear of a truck being luxurious. However, this is exactly what we at Allentown Kia are offering you. We have a wide variety of luxury used trucks in Quakertown. We offer top-of-the-range trucks of different recognized brands that combine amazing hauling and towing capability with top-class luxury and comfort.

These luxury trucks in Quakertown are sure to give you a driving experience like no other. Most trucks are known to offer bumpy rides because of their tough, heavy-duty suspension systems, but this is not the case with our luxury used trucks. These trucks feature advanced suspension systems that do a tremendous job of cushioning of the cabin from the roughness of the road. These systems make it possible for you to drive off-road while still enjoying great ride comfort. In addition, our luxury used trucks also offer very quiet interiors. In most regular trucks, there is usually a lot of in-cabin engine and road noise. However, our luxury used trucks are not like that. Their cabins are specially insulated with materials that shut out engine, road, and wind noise. Some of these trucks even come with noise cancellation technology. Therefore, you are assured of super quiet rides with these trucks. In addition, these luxury used trucks also feature richly upholstered leather interiors with aluminum inlays, suede inserts, and wood grain accents; they offer an embrace of luxury that is unique. These trucks are also in a class of their own when it comes to technology. They feature the latest infotainment systems that display on large centrally located touch screen interfaces. They also feature additional tech features like rear-seat DVD entertainment systems, automated climate control, advanced backup cameras, and many more.

Capability is another thing that you can count on in our luxury used trucks in Quakertown. In spite of the luxury and comfort that they offer, our luxury trucks are also tough and strong. They are as tough as their mainstream counterparts because they feature similar body-on-frame constructions and truck-body compositions. Therefore, you can count on our luxury used trucks to handle heavy-duty hauling or towing work. In addition, these trucks can also hard-core off-road driving. They can maneuver over large boulders and navigate through difficult muddy/rocky/sandy terrain with a lot of ease. In addition, these trucks also come equipped with high tech capability systems like a Trailer Sway Control System that help you to control the movements of your trailer and a Hill Descent Control system that helps the truck to safely descend down a slope at a controlled speed.  

In addition, our luxury used trucks also offer plenty of cabin space. These are primarily offered in Crew Cab body styles that come with legroom dimensions of over 40 inches and shoulder room dimensions of over 55 inches in both rows. These trucks also offer plenty of headroom. Therefore, you would never feel cramped in these trucks; one the contrary, you and your passengers would more than enough room to stretch and turn without inconveniencing other passengers.

In addition, you need not worry about the condition of these luxury used trucks because our highly qualified auto technicians have ensured that they are in excellent condition. Therefore, make a choice to step out and own one of these luxury used trucks in Quakertown. You can get more information on these trucks when you call us at 610-628-3831.You can also visit Allentown Kia at 2350 Lehigh Street, Allentown, PA 18103 to see and experience them first hand.

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