Luxury Used Trucks

Luxury Used Trucks

Luxury Used Trucks

Sometimes you want more than a mere workhorse - you want a workhorse with substance and style. That's exactly where the selection of luxury used trucks at Allentown Kia come in. With a luxury used truck, you can haul tough loads and impress tough critics at the same time.


Power & Prestige

Luxury used trucks don't just treat you to extra swag on the ride to the work site - high-end models also tend to pack the more serious power trains. Whether you're in it for the turbocharger or the all-out diesel engine, these models can tow and haul more than their less-posh competitors. If you're looking for best-in-class towing and hauling figures because you've got heavy machinery to lift and business supplies to tow, upscale trucks can be your best option.


Off-Road Refinement

Exploring virgin territory just got even more exciting. Luxury used trucks - especially off-road-ready specialty models like Ford Raptor - have what it takes to leave the pavement behind and hit the trail in style. With four-wheel drive, you're ready to take on everything from steep mountain trails to the sandy shores of a little-known surfing spot. Best of all, high-end features like ventilated front seats go along for the ride, keeping you wrapped in luxury no matter how far off the grid you care to go.


Modern Technology

These days, your cell phone is home to more than just your contacts list. Most of us can practically use our devices to run our entire lives - keeping track of gym stats, calendar appointments, and news updates. Luxury used trucks have the technology to tap into the awesome power of your smartphone via central infotainment systems. Take advantage of this technology, and soon you'll be using voice controls to send text messages like an old pro. These models are also home to cutting-edge features that are designed to make your life simpler, including camera systems that offer a top-down look at your truck to make parallel parking a snap.


Financing Made Simple

At Allentown Kia, we keep financing simple, so you can get to your four-wheeling adventures as quickly as possible. Our friendly staff members provide the expertise and the experience to help you obtain a loan with the monthly payment schedule that works for you. Whatever your circumstances, we'll help you get the financing you need to drive your luxury used truck into the sunset.