New Kia Bethlehem

Have you ever driven a Kia? If you answer no to that question, then you are denying yourself a truly great experience. We may seem biased because after all, we are the best Kia dealership in the area, but we truly do mean this. You can’t get a better car brand than a Kia.

When you are looking for a new Kia in Bethlehem, come to our Allentown Kia dealership. We know Kias better than anyone in the area, and we can make sure you get the Kia that is right for you.

You may start to think that the Kia brand is just a bunch of small cars, but that is not the case either. The Kia brand is a wide range of wonderful vehicles from the large SUV and minivan models, all the way down to the economy cars that are amazing on gas.

There are so many reasons to buy a Kia. One of the best is the fact that we get great gas mileage with our vehicles, as has already been mentioned. When you drive a Kia on the road, you are getting a vehicle that is going to literally go the extra mile for you with fuel costs. You won’t fill up as much, and you will just keep saving money.

Fuel economy is great, but what is most important? The answer to that question is safety. Safety is the most important part of owning a Kia, because there are few car brands that compare to the Kia for its safety record.

The Kia brand of vehicles routinely earns the Top Safety Pick from the IIHS, and gets four to five stars across the board from the federal government. In addition, the Kia brand prides itself on having the best safety features from the simple air bag, to the high-tech 360-degree camera that gives you a panoramic view of your surroundings.


Now that you know why Kia is the best, why should you buy a new Kia in Bethlehem at our Allentown Kia dealership?

The short answer to this is that we are the best and that distinction comes because we strive to be the best. There is a reason we keep earning the top dealership award in the area.

When you come on the lot to buy your new Kia in Bethelehem, you are going to be greeted by our friendly staff. Our staff isn’t just friendly, they are also experts with automobiles and many drive Kias themselves. They know the brand, they own the brand and they love the brand.

Our sales staff will take you through the purchase of the vehicle, from the initial reaction of seeing a ne Kia, to going on a test drive, to driving that car off the lot. You won’t be disappointed when you choose to buy a Kia because there is no such thing as disappointment when you own a Kia.

Why not take the Kia challenge and see why the car brand is the best in the world, and why once you get a Kia you will never want another brand again.

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