Oil Changes in Easton

Regular oil changes in Easton are crucial for ensuring optimal engine performance. Visit Allentown Kia today to get your oil changed and leverage amazing servicing deals and discounts.

If you want to avoid costly repairs in the future and keep your automobile running for a long time, regular oil changes are a necessity. It is the absolute easiest thing you can do to save yourself from the inconvenience for repairs and breakdowns, while also extending the life of your car. Most manufacturers will recommend changing the oil after every 3,000 to keep your engine working in optimal condition. Therefore, never let your car run on dry fumes, and get your oil changed today!

At Allentown Kia, this is a simple, in-and-out service, where we not only check the oil levels and replace it with fresher engine oil, but we also inspect and top up other vehicle fluid levels, while checking the condition of tires, belts, hoses, and air and oil filters. We also look for signs of abnormal wear and tear and give you trustworthy advice that will keep your vehicle functioning optimally. Look below to learn about the benefits of regular oil changes in Easton for your car:

Better Engine Performance

Oil is like the blood for your vehicle. It is a cleaner, lubricant and cleaner. By visiting Allentown Kia for regular oil changes, you can ensure that the internal moving parts of your engine are well lubricated and clean. This allows for better performance and a smoother, quieter ride. It also filters away debris that may form in your engine, while reducing the damage that can be done when moving parts get too hot via friction.

Prevents Dirt and Debris from Building Up

As the oil gets older in your vehicle, it may accumulate junk and debris. If you ignore and do not get your oil changed, the debris will continue to build up. This requires your engine to work harder than usual, drastically affecting performance and fuel-efficiency. By visiting Allentown Kia for oil changes in Easton, you can protect your engine’s vital components from harm caused by dirt and debris. Since we provide only the highest quality of oil, you can feel assured to receive optimal performance.

Improved Fuel-Efficiency

When you get your oil changed regularly, you benefit from improved gas mileage. Since oil improves lubrication of the engine parts, it reduces the friction that slows down your engine forcing it to work harder. Get an oil change and your fuel costs will reduce significantly. Old oil may also cause an excess of noxious engine emissions. Fresh oil is better able to absorb particles and less likely to burn (as there is no dirt and debris present), reducing the pollution produced by your engine.

So, if you want to receive the abovementioned benefits, do not hesitate on visiting Allentown Kia for your Oil Change in Easton. Our dealership is located at 2350 Lehigh Street, Allentown, PA 18103. You can even contact us at 610-816-0382 to set up an appointment for your oil change beforehand.

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