Pickup Truck or SUV?

Pickup Truck or SUV?

Pickup truck or SUV? Whether you're shopping for a four-wheel-drive family vehicle or a spacious, yet work-friendly, ride, both models have a lot to offer. But deciding between the two can be tough - at least, before you get all the details nailed down. Check out our comparison guide, in which we discuss who needs what vehicle.

Passenger Space

One of the major differences between pickup trucks and SUVs is that extra row of passenger space you'll find in three-row SUVs. Typically, with pickup trucks, you can choose between a regular, extended, and crew cabin. The latter is very family-friendly, with plenty of leg and elbow room in the backseat for your growing brood. Crew cabins often comfortably fit six passengers. But, if you need seven to nine passenger seats, you absolutely need a full-size SUV.

SUV Passenger vs Truck Cargo

Cargo Space

When choosing between a pickup truck and an SUV, your cargo hauling needs are another big issue. Inside an SUV, you can fold down the rear rows of seating down to create a pretty substantial cargo hold. It's perfect for making the occasional trip to IKEA or hauling your kid's dorm supplies off to college. However, if you've got heavy home improvement supplies or electrical equipment to cart around town, a pickup truck is a much better option. A truck's cargo bed is uniquely suited for heavy-duty hauling, and, depending on the model, will typically move more weight than an SUV. A truck bed also eliminates the potential of staining or ruining the interior of the SUV, which can be a concern depending on the type of cargo you'll be hauling.


SUVs: Luxury Over Adventure

Both trucks and SUVs offer four-wheel-drive capabilities, giving you the ability to travel into rugged territory for the occasional off-road adventure. But, if you plan to do most of your exploring on weekends and would prefer a smooth, quiet ride during the rest of the week, an SUV is the right choice for you and your family. Besides being tuned for comfort, SUV cabins also provide ample passenger space and a long list of modern luxuries - like leather upholstery and smartphone integration features - so driving to work or taking your kids to the dentist never feels like a chore.


Pickup Trucks: Adventure (and Utility) Over Luxury

Pickup trucks are tuned for performance and can actually feel a little skittish when you're not towing or hauling heavy loads. Most people, however, will find the daily ride livable, if not quite as comfortable as that of an SUV. But, if you're looking for a vehicle that's capable of moving major weight - such as bringing construction materials out to job sites or towing an especially big boat or trailer - a pickup truck is the best option. Pickup trucks also tend to have greater ground clearance and a longer list of off-road-friendly hardware, like skid plates and four-wheel-drive with low-range gearing, helping you travel deeper into rugged territory.