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Looking for the best-certified pre-owned truck dealer in Allentown? If so, then you are at the right place. Allentown Kia offers the most amazing inventory of certified pre-owned trucks!

Trucks often combine the best of both worlds, delivering off-road capability along with exceptional storage space. Most trucks from renowned brands come equipped with a powerful powertrain and engine, which also make them fun to drive for long road trips and drives. Since trucks also feature plenty of safety equipment and entertainment amenities, they can improve the experience of driving with family and kids, while also ensuring they remain safe at all times.

With incredible towing capabilities and varying box and cab sizes, trucks also offer more practicality than any other vehicle type – making it the preferred choice for most buyers. Are you planning to buy a truck, but lack the appropriate finances? If so, then you are at the right place. Whether you are looking for stylish features, like interior amenities and fine material upholstery, or smart technology that can keep you connected while on the go, we have a perfect certified pre-owed truck for you!

The No.1 Pre-Owned Truck Dealer in Allentown

Allentown Kia has a huge selection of certified pre-owned trucks for sale in Allentown, which makes it easier for budget-conscious buyers to purchase a truck they like. However, aren’t certified pre-owned trucks “used”? Yes, they are used, but there seems to be a negative connotation and stigma when it comes to calling something ‘used’. Oftentimes when people use this word in association with cars, they automatically assume the car is unreliable or will break down any second.

This is not true! Shop from Allentown Kia and you will understand that certified pre-owned trucks are as valuable, durable, and reliable as new trucks. In fact, each truck listed in our certified pre-owned list is of the highest quality. Each truck undergoes a 142-point inspection from our professional technicians and mechanics (as part of our Certified Program). This ensures your truck is free from all mechanical issues, engine troubles, or performance problems.

Therefore, once you purchase a truck from Allentown Kia, you will be driving off in a truck that is free of all repairs – minus the high costs. For each of our truck, we also offer a 3-month/3,000-mile warranty that is backed by the Road America Motor Club and National Warranty Corporation. This means, you can get your truck serviced anywhere in Allenton at any certified repair shop. For added peace of mind, we also have a Pro Certified program that offers coverage for our certified pre-owned trucks, depending on the number of miles on the odometer.

For instance, if you select a certified pre-owned truck that has been driven for 100,000 miles, you will be covered for any issues with the suspension or steering system, electrical or braking system, fuel, cooling, transmission, and engine. We will even take care of any problems you have with the audio entertainment or air conditioning – after all, we are the no.1 pre-owned truck dealer in Allentown. Therefore, there is no worry about purchasing a certified pre-owned truck.

However, if you still have your doubts, we even offer a 24-hour roadside assistance program. This begins one year from the date of purchase and if your truck has under 100,000 miles on it. In simple words, if anything goes wrong with your purchase, Allentown Kia has got you covered – minus the hassle. So, if you are in need of a truck (whether for cabin convenience or hauling power), do not hesitate on checking out Allentown Kia’s huge certified pre-owned inventory.

We have a huge selection of used certified pre-owned trucks for sale in Allentown, from high-class crew cabs to heavy-duty trucks to everyday pickups. Whatever type you are looking for, we will surely have a reliable and quality truck waiting for you to buy it. You can check out our wide range of certified pre-owned trucks by either browsing our online inventory or visiting our car lot. There you can sort out certified pre-owned trucks by fuel economy, engine, year, model, make, amount of miles.

In addition to the amount of miles, you can also sort by color, MPG, engine size, drivetrain, transmission (if you are lucky you may even find something for less than 20k). You can also sort out trucks by available features like fog lights, steel wheels, adaptive cruise control, split folder rear 2nd-row and 3rd-row seats, 4-wheel drive, heated seats, Bluetooth Technology, USB connectivity, and rear-seat entertainment system. Allentown Kia also offers help in the form of a Virtual Credit Consultant. This way, you can tell us the type of pre-owned truck you are looking for and your current financial condition.

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