Pre-Owned Truck Dealer Reading

Allentown Kia is the most dependable pre-owned truck dealer in Reading. This is because we have sold used trucks for longer than most other truck dealers in the area. We are here to stay and we are more than willing to meet your used truck needs. We have served many people in Reading and in surrounding towns like Bethlehem, Lehighton, and Northampton with high quality used trucks for many years. Another reason why we are considered as a dependable pre-owned truck dealer is because we always have a number of good quality trucks on offer. You would never miss a pre-owned truck at Allentown Kia. We have midsize pickup trucks, full-size pickup trucks, and heavy-duty pickup trucks, and they are of recognized truck makes like Dodge Ram, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, and many more.

Pre-Owned Truck Dealer With Everything that You Would Want For Your Truck

In addition, you can also get all the truck parts and components that your truck needs at Allentown Kia. We try to keep our truck part stocks updated, so if you need truck transmission parts, engine oil, brake parts, wheels, tires, etc. do not hesitate to ask. In addition, we also keep our dealership well stocked with a variety of truck accessories like roof racks, bull bars, tonneau covers, step bars & running boards, mud flaps & mudguards, towing hitches and many more. In addition, we at Allentown Kia also offer suspension system lift kits. Our certified mechanics are experienced in installing them on all kinds of trucks, so if you want to enjoy the elevation and capability of a lifted truck, just come to Allentown Kia.

Get Good Service For Your Truck

In addition, you can also get accurate auto service for your truck at Allentown Kia. We at Allentown Kia have a well equipped, state-of-the-art auto service center that can handle repairs for all types of trucks. In addition, our technicians are ASE-certified and factory-trained; they are also quite experienced in truck repair. Therefore, your truck would be in good hands at our service center. Our team of auto technicians also performs auto-service procedures with swiftness and efficiency because of their experience, so you would not wait for long when you would bring your vehicle to our dealership for repair work. In addition, our service rates are also among the lowest in the area, so you would save a lot at Allentown Kia.

Innovative Processes

We at Allentown Kia have also set in place innovative processes to simplify the truck-buying process. One of these innovations is our online inventory. We have perfected our online inventory and have made it possible to get pre-qualified for specific trucks right here on the website. You can also schedule a test drive and request a quote or information about specific trucks from our inventory. In addition, we keep our inventory well updated, so you are always assured that the trucks on our website are still available at our dealership.

Customer Service

In addition, we at Allentown Kia are also a top-rated pre-owned truck dealer in Reading because of our superior customer service. Our sales representatives are certified professionals that have been trained to be courteous and respectful to all customers. They are always ready to attend to clients and to answer questions. In addition, they also would never coax or badger you into buying a truck; instead, they would respectfully offer advice and allow you to make your decision. For more information, come to Allentown Kia at 2350 Lehigh Street, Allentown, PA 18103.

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