Service My Car in Bethlehem

It is imperative that you perform regular servicing for improving the life of your car. If you find yourself asking, where can I Service My Car in Bethlehem? Look no further than Allentown Kia.

If you own an automobile, it’s almost a no-brainer to have it maintained properly for ensuring safe and convenient transport. Regularly servicing your vehicle is an important step for guaranteeing your vehicle provides you with a dependable, reliable, and durable mode of transportation, while retaining its value (better chances of you getting a good selling price). Why should you service your vehicle? Just like any other mechanical and electrical machine, your car experiences wear and tear due time.

This wear and tear could result in issues with the brake system, suspension, engine, air conditioning system, transmission system, or the electrical system. To make sure these issues do not worsen and negatively impact the performance of your car or perhaps even damage the internal working components of your car, it is vital have your car inspected and repaired immediately. This is where Allentown Kia comes in, providing an answer to the question: Where Can I Service My Car in Bethlehem?

Our experienced and certified mechanics know exactly what it takes to keep your running efficiently and in top condition on the roads. All of your staff boasts great knowledge and education with regards to the latest sedan, coupe, minivan, pickup truck, SUV, crossover, compact, and subcompact models. Therefore, you can feel relieved that we can perform everything from preventative maintenance to expensive repairs at our one stop dealership.

Most manufacturers prescribe a “Service My Car in Bethlehem” maintenance schedule to keep your car performing smoothly. When you visit our dealership, our certified technicians will conduct a rigorous and thorough evaluation of your car to identify servicing and repairing requirements. This process involves a visual and mechanical inspection, a computerized scan, and a road test to examine each and every aspect of the vehicle – including the engine, braking, suspension, transmission, AC, chassis, body.

Once each part and component of your car is inspected thoroughly, one of our experienced service advisors (based on the technician’s analyzing report) will provide you a detailed overview on the condition of your vehicle and what servicing or repairs it requires. Once you understand all the details and approve the suggestions, our technicians will begin all repairing work. The service staff at Allentown Kia makes sure that every car that goes through the rigorous service is restored to its prime condition and is completely safe to drive.

From brakes, steering, suspension, wheel-alignment, exhaust system, oil and air-filters, valve clearance, to the cooling system, you can get any and everything repaired (vehicles of all brands are welcome whether it’s a Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Hyundai, KIA, Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, Nissan, or GM). This ensures a healthy and sound car. If your car has been damaged, not functioning properly or it is just requires simple servicing and maintenance, don’t hesitate on bringing it to our dealership at 2350 Lehigh Street, Allentown, PA 18103. You can also contact us at 610-816-0382 to set up an appointment.

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