Tire Rotation and Tire Alignment in Bethlehem

Is it time to get the tires of your car rotated and aligned? Bring your car to Allentown Kia and experience the premium-quality services of tire rotation and tire alignment in Bethlehem.

Tires are to cars that your legs are to you. They carry the weight of your car and are the indispensible tools for its mobility. An athlete cannot be expected to perform at the highest of levels if he fails to keep his legs well conditioned and ready for extreme excursions. The same goes for the tires of a high-performance vehicle. To ensure your car keeps performing at its best and to guarantee the safety of your family you need to make sure the tires of your vehicle are in great shape at all times and are performing to best of their abilities.

Various factors such as turning corners and driving on irregular surfaces lead to the front and back tires of your ride go through uneven amount of wear. Rotating the tires of your vehicle regularly ensures that all the tires are subjected to same amount of wear and tear and thus share the burden more evenly. Uneven surfaces can also wreak havoc on the alignment of wheels and tires, putting the safety and performance of your car in jeopardy. Tire alignment helps keeping these problems at bay.

Worn-out tires and misaligned wheels may lead to unfortunate accidents. A car that is not perfectly balanced on its wheels is wobbly to drive, difficult to control and is prone to erratic drivability. Deteriorated treads on the tires do not allow for a strong grip on the road, making the vehicle more likely to lose control in tricky road conditions. Moreover fuel efficiency is also very much dependant on tires that are properly aligned and rotated, as properly-maintained tires lead to less drag and more serene drive.

All leading car manufacturers recommend getting your tires rotated and aligned every 5,000 miles driven or at least once every year. Since your car’s safety depends on it, it is imperative that you get your tires serviced from a dependable service and maintenance facility. Allentown Kia is a certified car dealer that offers top-rated tire rotation and tire alignment in Bethlehem. Our well-experienced and certified mechanics use state-of –the-art equipment to your tires are in the right shape to work together with your engine.

Schedule an appointment and bring your car down to Allentown Kia’s service department. A thorough 172-point inspection can let you know if it is time to get your tires rotated and aligned. The wear on each tire is identified by inspecting the depth of the treads. Computer balancers help qualified mechanics align the wheels. Air pressure in each tire is checked. Brakes and suspensions are scrutinized to squash any safety concerns that arise from the constant wear.

There is no better place to get tire rotation and tire alignment in Bethlehem than Allentown Kia. Visit us at 2350 Lehigh Street, Allentown, PA 1810 or call us at 610-628-3831. Avail amazing deals and discounts on the service of your vehicle and ensure a safe and smooth ride.

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