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Top 5 Things to Know Before You Buy that Lifted Truck

Top 5 Things to Know Before You Buy that Lifted Truck

If you're looking for a lifted truck, what should you look out for? We've got five steps for you to take before you choose the right truck for you. Some of these steps you should take before you even look and some should happen at the dealership or with the seller. We want you to get the best lifted truck you possibly can--and these tips should help.


Do Research on the Price

Understanding what the average prices are for lifted trucks in your area gives you power. Do the legwork before you go out to shop, so that prices that are too high or too low will throw a red flag up for you. Know that super low prices aren't likely just a good deal--it probably means that there's something mechanically wrong with the truck and they want to compensate on the price. Knowing the average prices will also help you negotiate a good deal with on any lot.


Know What You Need

While it might be a lot of fun to drive a truck with an 8-inch lift around town, it probably doesn't make much sense. If you spend most of your time driving to and from work, but want some clearance and off-roading advantages when you've put on your weekend warrior hat, you'll want to find a truck that can do both easily. That means paying attention, for example, to the kinds of tires and lift as well as what that means for your fuel economy and overall maintenance. Just because you find a great deal doesn't mean it will work well for you. Know the right kind of truck for your needs and your budget


Find Out Where Your Truck Came From

It almost goes without saying, but in this era of online shopping, we'll say it: look at every truck you're interested in in person. Look under the hood for signs of wear, cleaniness, brake condition, and the condition of major components. Many lifted truck owners say to look under the truck as well--if you see a lot of mud or debris, you know that your truck has been punished outdoors. If your lifted truck was a commercial vehicle in its former life, was it used in a tough environment like a sawmill or did it have a leisurely life as a fleet vehicle for a delivery warehouse? Understanding the truck's history can help you anticipate future problems.


Ask for the Repair History

You should also ask for the maintenance and repair history--what was done to get it ready for sale? Many used lifted trucks have been refurbished to get them ready for sale, and some dealers will provide you with a "before and after" refurbishing report so that you know exactly what they've done to get your truck ready for sale. If they don't have this, they should be able to walk you through what has been done to the truck since its been in their care. Any reputable dealer should be able to show this maintenance record to you easily, and anyone who hesitates should make you suspicious.


Look for Guarantees

While the lifted truck you buy may not have a factory warranty, the dealer or private party should be willing to stand behind the sale. Ask for some kind of guarantee, whether it's a 30 day return policy if something goes wrong or a legitimate 90 day warranty. Good dealers will stake their reputations on the vehicles they sell, which means that they will make sure it's as good as they can possibly get it before they sell it to you. If they're not willing to offer you any kind of guarantee, it's a good idea to move on to someone who will. Beware of sellers who require upfront payment. It's good practice to require a deposit, sometimes of up to 50%, but anyone who requires 100% without delivering the truck is sketchy.