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Looking for a truck that offers the durability and power you want. If so, then consider looking at Allentown Kia’s reasonably priced used trucks for sale in Lehigh Valley.

Oftentimes a sedan, coupe, minivan, or SUV may not be able to deliver the durability, power, and space you require to haul large items, seat more passengers, or drive off-roads. This is where purchasing a powerful and reliable truck may come in handy. Typically, trucks combine the best of both worlds: exceptional performance and hauling/off-road capability, making it easier to drive with a lot of payload while still enjoying good fuel-efficiency, luxury and comfort.

Best part of all: trucks also offer a range of comfortable amenities and useful features that can significantly improve the cab and experience of driving. Therefore, whether you are looking for stylish features like interior amenities and final material upholstery, or smart technology to keep you connected while you are on the go, you can be sure to find a truck that is right for you. However, aren’t trucks expensive? How will you afford the high costs of a renowned truck?

This is where Allentown Kia comes in – offering the best used trucks in Lehigh Valley from companies like Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Dodge, Chevrolet, Toyota, and many more for the most reasonable prices. Of course, you may think buying used defies the whole purpose of buying a truck, but this is not true. In fact, you can receive greater value when buying a used truck, especially if you purchase one from Allentown Kia.

Why Purchase Used Trucks in Lehigh Valley from Allentown Kia?

All of our trucks are either certified pre-owned or only have one previous owner. As such, they are well maintained and do not have any mechanical or technical problems. Even if they do, they are immediately repaired with genuine parts via our extensive 142-multipoint inspection process carried out by certified and experienced mechanics and technicians. The main purpose of this certification program is to restore the vehicle to brand new condition, ensuring you get the same performance as any new truck.

For added peace of mind, Allentown Kia also offers a 3-month or 3,000 mile certified warranty, all at no extra charge to you. Backed up by the Road America Motor Club and CNA National Warranty Corporation, this program provides coverage for your car if its needs certified repairs. Best part of all: you are even covered in circumstances of an unfortunate breakdown via our 24-hour roadside assistance program. This is only to prove to you that buying ‘used’ certainly does not mean compromising on quality.

Apart from ensuring the used truck’s engine works perfectly and does not have any mechanical or technical faults, our certified technicians also make sure the exterior and interior of the model is up to par with our high standards. Therefore, you definitely do not have to worry about brining an old clunker home. And with our 100-percent Satisfaction Guarantee, there is no reason to hesitate to bring home one of our top-of-the-line used trucks!

But, if you think that is all, you are clearly mistaken. Another benefit of buying a used truck from Allentown Kia is that you gain access to our Financial Department experts, who will be more than happy to assist you and guide you throughout the trade-in, quotes, and car loans processes. Yes, you can trade-in your vehicle and receive car loans. This ensures you can finally buy that dream truck, without the worry of not having enough finances.

Once you find the perfect used truck in Lehigh Valley, you can request more information about the vehicle you are looking at by request a quote to see how much the truck will really cost you, filling out an online form, or even scheduling a test drive to see how the vehicle drives. If you want to see if you are pre-approved to buy one of our vehicles, you can simply fill out our application or visit our safe and secure virtual credit consultant.

You can also use our handy payment calculator. This tool enables buyers to figure out their buying power. Simply enter the amount of money you can afford on a down payment and monthly payment, and then select your desired loan term and interest rate. This will allow you to ascertain if can afford to buy one of our certified pre-owned cars. You can calculate your monthly payment by entering the interest rate, loan term, down payment and price.

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