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Need to purchase a second-hand ride, but can’t find a reliable used vehicle dealer in Allentown? Look no further than Allentown Kia. We offer the most amazing used car deals for our valued customers!

Have you grown tired of your current vehicle? Need to buy a different model that offers better reliability and durability? If so, then you might be interested in purchasing a second-hand ride from the best and most popular used vehicle dealer in Allentown! With years of experience in the new/used car selling business, Allentown Kia can help you find an exceptional vehicle at a price you can afford, minus the hassle and hours of research. Our company staff is determined on pleasing customers. As such, you can feel relieved to get the best service and assistance in terms of finances too. Read on to learn more about the benefits of buying a used vehicle from Allentown Kia:


One of the main benefits of buying a second-hand ride from Allentown Kia is that you get to leverage the utmost level of convenience and peace of mind when visiting our dealership. You can perform the necessary research regarding the vehicle you want to buy from our site and even analyze whether you can be pre-approved for financing. If all goes well, all you have to do is visit our dealership and purchase the automobile of your dreams. As the best used vehicle dealer in Allentown, you can also feel assured to take advantage of amazing specials, deals, and discounts.


There is no doubt that buying a brand-new vehicle is an incredibly expensive endeavor that can literally empty your pockets. However, that isn’t the worse part. When you purchase a new ride, its value declines the minute you drive it off the dealership lot. This level of depreciation is rather unfair, as if you might want to replace a car the very same day – your vehicle isn’t valued at the same price.

For this reason, more buyers are opting for used vehicles that were manufactured within 5 years of time. These models might be used, but offer the same style and comfort as new releases with the added benefit of being incredibly affordable and light on the pocket. We even offer an affordable vehicles inventory that has cars priced lower than $20 or even $10k.


As the best used vehicle dealer in Allentown, you get to leverage top reliability when purchasing a car from us. All of the second-hand rides added to our list first have to meet certain criteria. Most of the models aren’t older than 5 or 6 years and boast the same technologies and features that you find in recent models.

Each vehicle even goes through a rigorous and thorough multipoint inspection process that involves a visual check, mechanical check, and specialized computer scan for highlighting any serious issues with the vehicle. If any major issues are found, the car isn’t added in our list. This means, whenever you purchase a car from Allentown Kia, you can feel assured all you receive is quality!

Are you planning to purchase a used vehicle from Allentown Kia? If so, then don’t hesitate on visiting Allentown Kia at 2350 Lehigh Street, Allentown, PA 18103. For more information about our used cars, you can give us a call at 610-628-3831.

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