“YES” Approved Pre-Owned Cars

At Allentown Kia, we just say “YES”!

With our “YES Approved” pre-owned car program, you get more than just a “Yes”

to a great price, no matter your budget. At Allentown Kia, we say…

YES to incredible selection!

YES to great financing!

YES to exclusive Lifetime Powertrain Warranty!

YES to unbeatable car care, no matter the make!

                                                                                    YES to lifetime car washes!

                                                                                    YES to complimentary loaners!

                                                                                    YES to free shuttle service!

                                                                                    YES to referring a friend!


                                    The YES Approved Pre-Owned Car—our promise to you that your next preowned


                                                                 vehicle meets your complete approval.



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