Lifted Jeep vs Stock Jeep

Lifted Jeep vs Stock Jeep

Lifted Jeep vs Stock Jeep

Should you lift your Jeep? The debate about the benefits of a lifted Jeep vs a stock Jeep continues to rage and it can be a real issue if you've bought your Jeep in order to off-road. We'll give you some of the pros and cons to help you decide.

Benefits of Lifting Your Jeep

If you want a lifted Jeep, you're probably looking for ground clearance for your off-road adventures. It's true that you'll find that lifted Jeeps can give you more ground clearance, but usually only for certain parts of your Jeep. What a lifted Jeep does do is allow you to add armor and custom bumpers without seeing sagging springs. A suspension lift kit can also help you improve your flex and articulation as you're navigating rocks and rugged terrain.

A lifted Jeep is fun and looks amazing. That may not seem like a great reason to spend thousands in aftermarket products, but the truth is that SUVs and crossovers are everywhere. You're more likely to find a Jeep in a grocery store parking lot than in a mud bog, and that's a new change in this market. If you want to stand out and make sure the world knows the purpose for your Jeep, lifting it can achieve that goal.

Reasons to Not Lift Your Jeep

Many of the reasons to not lift your Jeep center on how well stock Jeeps are designed. They already usually fit larger tires (35s on a Wrangler Rubicon is normal) and it handles well in many off-road conditions. Jeeps are not Civics, so they're already tough enough to handle much of what a normal weekend adventurer will throw at it.

Lifted Jeeps also perform differently, which can be problematic if you don't know what you're doing. Many Jeep lovers complain about the fact that drivers of lifted Jeeps don't realize what they're getting into and don't completely customize the Jeep, leading to driveshaft, brake, and gear issues. Making the Jeep taller can also increase the center of gravity, making it more likely to roll. If you're spending most of your time driving on roads rather than on mountain paths, you'll notice a bumpier, louder ride and worse fuel economy as well.

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