Kia Telluride for Sale

There’s something that helps us stand out from the crowd here at Allentown Kia. Here, we don’t just sell you the car, we give you the tools and factual information you need to make the right decision, and we’ve got our first piece of advice: you should consider looking for a Kia Telluride for sale. It’s our mission to get you behind the wheel of a trustworthy vehicle provided to you by dedicated people. You can trust the Telluride to be the perfect passenger-friendly vehicle, whether you’re looking for an SUV to travel with the family or you’re carpooling your colleagues to and from the workplace. The Telluride’s uses don’t end there because if you’re the type of driver to regularly drive with more than two people, the Telluride is built with amenities that help its maximum passenger capacity of eight people thrive with comfort, luxury, and versatility.

With Allentown Kia, our selection of Telluride models range from the latest selection to the ones that regularly appear on our pre-owned lots. Our staff here at Allentown Kia are professionals who know the ins and outs of the Kia models on our lot, and the Kia Telluride is no exception. If you have any questions about the Telluride, it’s our job to give you the correct information on specifications, packages, trims, features, and more. You shouldn’t limit yourself when shopping for a three-row SUV, and what the Telluride benefits from are a price tag below what you’d expect to be paying for the premium features on offer.

Why the Telluride is a Great Choice

The Kia Telluride is perhaps the most feature-packed SUV in the Kia lineup and is certainly the most premium too. The Kia Telluride is also one of Kia’s more recent vehicles, released back in 2019. The Kia Telluride is a midsize SUV with three rows of seating, and out the gate, the Telluride performed admirably, offering excellent cargo space, ample fuel efficiency regardless of the power output, and the latest technology Kia has to offer.

While many view the Telluride as a great family vehicle, the model still has a few great tricks up its sleeves. This model can be equipped with all-wheel drive, all-terrain tires, higher ground clearance, and has trims designed for off-roading. You can take the Telluride water fording and off the beaten path for whatever adventures you have in mind.

The Telluride hasn’t transformed much since its first incarnation, but there are now more ways to customize your experience, and a few positive changes have been applied since the release of the 2023 model, such as a better towing capacity. Regardless of its short tenure in the market, it’s undoubtedly been an influential addition to the midsize SUV market.

The Allure of a Kia Telluride
Influencing the market makes for an important element of the Kia Telluride, as it competes with popular midsize crossovers—some of which have been around for multiple generations—such as the Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. The difference, however, is that the Telluride aims to elevate the experience wherever possible. Kia consistently seeks to improve the infotainment, comfort, and safety features of this model, which makes the Telluride a well-sought-after nameplate in the crossover segment.

You also have plenty of cabin capacity for both cargo and passengers. In addition to having three rows, the Telluride is also available with premium seating materials to increase comfort levels. You can also have the Telluride configured either as a seven-seater (with a pair of captain’s chairs in the second row) or as an eight-seater (with split benches for the second and third row). What’s more is that you have foldable second and third rows, expanding the storage capacity for transporting a wide assortment of differently-sized items.

Kia’s midsize crossover provides ample room for passengers across each row for leg, hip, and shoulder room, making it a key model for those who want both function and finesse in one vehicle. Kia continues to offer more luxury elements to diversify the appeal of the Telluride, from moonroofs and upscale interior cabin materials to consistently improved connectivity and smart device integration. The Telluride is a nameplate that continues to compete aggressively by being heavily focused on appealing to a wide range of SUV shoppers.

What Makes the Telluride Excellent for Long-Distance Drives
Contending in the midsize arena means fending off competing models from all ends of the SUV spectrum. The Telluride offers customization options through different trims to cater to diverse drivers’ needs. It is uniquely designed to perform well both on and off the road, thanks to its expertly engineered powertrain and suspension. If you’re looking for a vehicle for your daily commute, the Telluride is an excellent option, as it is well-suited for simple runs to the store or work—but it’s not limited to these, as it can extend into other needs.

Those of you making long-distance trips to Yonkers on the weekend to visit family or making commutes to Philadelphia for work can rest assured that the Telluride provides you with comfort, convenience, and stability. Maybe you’re planning on taking some friends to the Jersey Shore when weather permits, or you’re planning on spending some time away from the concrete jungle and venturing into nature; the Telluride will accommodate those trips thanks to its handling, fuel economy, and convenience features. You can hitch a trailer and make the trek beyond your hometown if that’s what you desire.

With the combination of a well-articulated powertrain, heavy-duty cooling, and stability management, you can always count on the Telluride to get you to your destinations smoothly and safely. The fact that you can also reliably embark far from the city and onto roads less traveled is another appealing aspect of the Telluride. So whether you’re venturing to Mt. Pocono for a quick getaway or a lengthy sabbatical down to Ocean City, the Telluride can get you there in style.

You Can Get the Telluride New or Used

When you choose to go for a used Kia Telluride, you can guarantee you’ll be driving a performant, versatile, efficient, and reliable vehicle because the earliest model came out in 2020. The first Telluride model employed a 3.8L V6 engine dubbed the “Lambda,” and it hasn’t aged one bit, meaning every Telluride model performs admirably well. Purchasing a pre-owned Telluride also doesn’t mean the vehicle will look like it’s been previously owned by another driver. This is because trustworthy dealerships like us here at Allentown Kia ensure the car you purchase is in its best possible condition and priced just right too.

Purchasing a brand-new Telluride has the same benefits that other new Kia vehicles offer. Firstly, when you purchase a brand new Telluride, you can start from scratch with customization, meaning you can order your Telluride to your liking from the long list of available trims, packages, and features both inside and out and even choose the color of your car. You simply don’t have the same breadth of choices when you’re purchasing a pre-owned vehicle because what you see is what you get.

The other benefit to purchasing a new Kia vehicle, in particular, is Kia’s new vehicle warranties that come with the purchase of any new car. We’re not bluffing when we say that Kia’s new vehicle warranties are in a league of their own compared to Kia’s contemporaries. You can guarantee that purchasing a brand-new vehicle means your investment will be protected for years, no questions asked.

With a new Kia Telluride, you get a 5-year/60,000-mile roadside assistance plan if any malfunctions occur while you’re out driving. For any unforeseen repairs that you might need, bring us your Kia Telluride. We’ll help you get your vehicle in top condition and will check to see if your repair is covered under warranty. Your new Telluride will also come with a 5-year/100,000-mile limited anti-perforation warranty for exterior corrosion that isn’t caused by weather or natural degradation. Your Telluride will also come with a 5-year/60,000-mile Limited Basic Warranty that covers dozens of vehicle components inside and out, so you are covered if something breaks. And finally, for anything relating to your Telluride’s powertrain, your SUV will have an incredible 10-year/100,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty––one of the best in the business.

Finance your Telluride with us!

If leasing just doesn’t seem like the right route for you, there is the option to own the Telluride outright. Get a loan for your Telluride for all of the benefits of ownership, including warranties for the powertrain and post-purchase support such as roadside assistance. In addition to this, we can help you secure the financing you need for your vehicle.

Talk to the experts in our finance department to find out how to get the best rates on the market, or you can use our online forms to get pre-approved for a loan that works for you, featuring the lowest APR we can help you secure and monthly payments that won’t dent your bank account. It’s easy to start the pre-approval process, taking just a minute or two to fill out the one-page contact information to get started.

We also have a number of great tools and resources available for those who need expert financial help. You can ask questions using our online chat tool to get help instantly, or you can talk to one of our experts in person to get guidance on what steps you should take to get financing or what the best trim would be for your budget. We also have an easy-to-use payment calculator so you can figure out monthly payments before you commit to any finance plan, and you can trade in your current vehicle to alleviate some of the cost of your new Telluride.

Lease a Kia Telluride
The challenge of ownership is that not everyone wants the responsibility of the asset, and not everyone is keen on keeping the model year they’re driving. That problem is solved with a lease, and you can lease a Kia Telluride here with a deal that works for you.

When you visit our dealership, you can get great rates on lease deals that enable you to drive a Telluride for a few years and then either choose to renew the lease (if you like the current model that you have) or exchange that model for a new lease on a newer Telluride. This gives you an opportunity to keep trading up without being committed to the lengthy contracts of buying to own. It gives you options in what you drive and how long you drive it.

With the added benefits of warranty coverage and the ability to get great deals on lower lease options compared to buying, leasing is an attractive option for certain shoppers. The other benefit of leasing a Telluride is that, when the lease is up and you opt for a newer model, you can get access to the latest improvements; this gives you the opportunity to test out the most recent safety and infotainment features and the newest powertrain advancements.

We’ll Keep your Telluride Well-Maintained and Serviced

An oil change? New battery? Wheel alignment? We can help you keep your Kia Telluride up, running, and well-maintained. Regardless of the model year or the trim you go with, or if it’s leased or loaned, we can help keep your Kia serviced and running. This all ties together in our efforts to stand out from other dealerships, as we aren’t just about selling you a Telluride and letting you go on your merry way; we’re dedicated to helping you keep it running as intended.

For both regularly scheduled maintenance and any kind of issues you might encounter on the road, our commitment to you sees our certified technicians inspect your vehicle and ensure it is up to par. That means performing proper alignment services when needed, replacing the brake pads when they become worn, and even checking the fluid levels for the oil, brakes, and coolant. We do it all here, and we cover everything from simple oil changes and tire replacements all the way up to more serious work regarding the powertrain and driveline.

We also have an Express Department, so for those of you who don’t want to sit around waiting to have your Telluride serviced, you can simply bypass any need to schedule service—and if you need something basic done, we can get it done quickly so you’re in and out. The Express Department covers a wide range of services, including windshield wiper blade replacement, cabin and air filter replacements, battery testing and replacements, chassis lube, brake inspections, oil inspections, tire rotations, tire replacements, exterior bulb replacements, fluid top-offs, and even a multi-point inspection. We take pride in being able to offer services that can get you back to your life as quickly as possible, and our essential services provided by the Express Department are a surefire sign of that commitment.

Why Buy your Telluride at Allentown Kia?

You may be wondering what makes Allentown Kia stand out from the crowd. Aside from the basics that separate us from our competition, such as competitive pricing, an excellent selection of new and used vehicles, and a caring and diligent team of employees, we also have our Allentown Kia Value Proposition Package. How does this apply to the purchase of a Telluride? It includes a few things: your Telluride will be entitled to a free annual state inspection, and we offer free appraisals. When your vehicle is being worked on, the Allentown Kia Value Proposition Package also entitles you to a free loaner car and we provide a local shuttle service.

Because of our Value Proposition Package, you’ll be treated to a free tank of gas after one year of ownership, and we’ll consistently send you coupons to get your vehicle fixed when you’re ready. The Value Proposition Package has much more to offer you, and our dealership offers a variety of separate packages we encourage you to look more into. Combined with our top-notch service, it’s no wonder the drivers in the greater area of Allentown choose Allentown Kia for all of their needs.

Come Get your New or Used Kia Telluride Today!

Out of the long list of manufacturers you can choose from, you should choose Kia because this manufacturer’s vehicles supply everything you’ll need for your daily life, whether you’re the busy commuter type or you’re one to only take a ride whenever you feel like it. Kia’s vehicles are also more trustworthy than the competition because Kia puts extra care and thought into every car it constructs, and all new vehicles come with excellent warranty coverage.

The Telluride is one example of how Kia produces exceptional SUVs, but Kia’s lineup also includes a variety of sedans and EVs. If you’re looking for a Kia vehicle, like the Telluride, you need to visit us at Allentown Kia, and we’ll find you the perfect SUV. We’ll take all the time you need to get you behind the wheel of a vehicle you want in your life, and our on-site finance team will help you find a way to make it fit your budget.