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Allentown Kia: The Pennsylvania Home for Your Next New Kia


If you’re interested in buying a new Kia model, you shouldn’t go just anywhere. Instead, you should purchase your vehicle from a reputable dealership that not only offers a diverse collection of vehicles to choose from but is home to a staff of automotive professionals who will advocate for you at every turn. At Allentown Kia, we pride ourselves on being your partners in the car buying and ownership process. From Philadelphia to Pittsburg, we’ve earned a reputation for providing our customers with a truly phenomenal dealership experience.

It is our belief that every customer that walks through our front doors is unique and has different needs. As a result, our staff doesn’t rely on cookie-cutter experiences. Every time you visit our dealership, you can expect customer service that is specifically tailored to who you are, what you’re looking for, and your particular automotive needs. And we do more than just help you step into a new Kia vehicle; we also work to keep that car running smoothly long after you’ve left our dealership. Part of being your automotive partner means helping you prolong the life of your vehicle by providing you with comprehensive automotive services and maintenance. Our number one goal is to help you get the most out of your car and to have a spectacular driving experience no matter what your odometer says.


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Allentown Kia Dealer Feature Focus


What makes Allentown Kia so special? Well, beyond just our phenomenal attention to detail and customer satisfaction, we also offer a variety of services and benefits that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. One thing we make easier at Allentown Kia is automotive financing. The financing aspect of car buying can be somewhat overwhelming to some buyers, and we understand that for some, this process ought to be simplified. For that reason, we offer pre-approval via our dealership website. Through our financial department, you can fill out a credit application online and get an idea of what financing a car with our team might look like.

And if you have any questions about filling out the application or the buying process, you can reach out to a member of our staff right away via our onsite chat window. On our website, we offer a chat section that connects directly to our dealers and financial staff via Facebook Messenger. If you’re looking to trade-in your old vehicle to help pay for your new one, we also provide fair and accurate trade-in valuation. Through our onsite platform, you can discover the value of your vehicle in seconds, regardless if you want to trade your car in or sell it outright.

At Allentown Kia, we also understand what kind of wear and tear the road can impose. Even though you can expect long term reliability from our vehicles, we understand that having peace of mind while on the road can be extremely beneficial. For this reason, we offer all of our customers to take advantage of our Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Program. This comprehensive warranty program has no mileage limit, no expiration date, and allows you to perform necessary manufacturer-recommended automotive maintenance at no extra charge to you.

In addition to our warranties, we’ve also earned a reputation for our diverse selection of specials. Few dealerships offer retail specials quite as we do. When you navigate to the specials section of our website, you’ll find a long list of all of the models that can be purchased or leased with an incentive. And if you have any other questions regarding the specials that we offer, our dealers are just a short message or call away. Our incentives extend beyond just specials, as we provide car buying or leasing opportunities to a variety of particular groups. Young families, first-time drivers, and military service members can all get exclusive benefits at the time of purchase. For instance, our military value package includes 10% off on all parts and servicing, and the first payment (of up to $500) will be on us.

In this digital age, we also recognize the need to modernize the car buying experience. For this reason, we allow you to purchase a vehicle directly from our website. The process is simple, and in many ways, it is quite similar to the process that you’ll find in our dealership. Your first step is to browse our highly accurate digital showroom. Here, you’ll be able to inspect all the details about a particular car, and once you’ve found a model of choice, you can schedule a test drive. What does a test drive look like when you’re buying online? Well, we’ll bring the vehicle directly to your home so that you can check it out in person. After you’ve decided on a particular Kia model, you complete all of your financing and paperwork entirely online. And after that, we’ll deliver the vehicle straight to you, so that you never have to leave the comfort of your home.

At Allentown Kia, we strive to be your sole source for all things automotive. No matter if you’re buying new or used, or simply need a routine auto check-up, we’ll be your car partners through it all. 

 A red 2021 Kia Seltos is driving on a snow-covered road.


2021 New Kia Seltos Overview


The future of the auto industry seems to be favoring compact crossovers, and the upcoming 2021 Kia Seltos is here for the party. This versatile, practical vehicle is fun to drive and has the coolest new features. Great on gas with spacious available seating for five people, you can’t go wrong with this new Kia. Available in five trims and with two powertrains, you can find the perfect match to suit your personality and driving style. You can choose from the following trims: LX, S, S Turbo, EX, and SX. Each one has its own set of unique features that range from infotainment to safety and everything in-between. The Seltos has many configurations and options so that drivers can find one that suits their individual needs.


Everything You Want to Know About the New Kia


As the latest addition to the Kia line-up, the 2021 Kia Seltos starts at an MSRP of $21,990. As the younger sibling to the popular Kia Sportage, the Seltos is smaller and more compact and comparable to vehicles like the Chevy Trax and Subaru Crosstrek. This new vehicle is filling a spot in the Kia line-up that no one even knew was there, and it is filling the spot well.

With two fuel-efficient powertrains to choose from, you will be more than satisfied with the overall performance of the Seltos. The standard 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine generates 146 hp and 132 lb-ft of torque. Equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and FWD, it has a fuel economy set at 29 MPG combined (27 city/31 highway). You can also get this powertrain with AWD on any trim except the base.

If you want a bit more power, you can opt for the second powertrain. This turbocharged 1.6-liter 4-cylinder motor makes 175 hp and 195 lb-ft of torque. Mated with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and AWD, this powertrain gets 27 MPG combined (25 city/31 highway). It can also tow up to 3,300 pounds, which is unheard of for a compact crossover. As earlier mentioned, the Seltos is an undeniably fantastic addition to the Kia selection.


Top 12 Features on the 2021 Kia Seltos


With so many fantastic features and unique characteristics of the new Kia, we thought it might be useful to give you a list of those most notable. So without further ado, let's take a look at the best features of the 2021 Kia Seltos.

#1 - The Infotainment System

Every trim for the 2021 Kia Seltos is equipped with an advanced infotainment system; even the base model comes standard with an 8-inch touchscreen monitor that displays the video feed from the rearview camera along with all the entertainment functions of the system. It works with Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and text messaging. It also operates with a 6-speaker sound system, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. This means that you can stream your personal playlist and use your favorite apps without touching your smartphone.

This infotainment system even gets an upgrade on the top-tier SX trim. Not only is the screen enlarged to a 10.25-inch monitor, but it also gets a navigation system and an upgraded Bose stereo.

#2 - Hill Start Assist

Back in the day, the worst possible place to park your vehicle was on a hill. Manual transmissions made it hard to get the vehicle going while on a vertical incline, and even the first automatic transmission vehicles could cause a mini-panic attack whenever they had to be started on a hill. This isn’t the case with the 2021 Kia Seltos. All trims come with hill start assist, which makes it easier to get moving from a parked position on a steep incline.

#3 - Electronic Stability and Traction Control

Offering a smooth driving experience everywhere you go, the upcoming Seltos is equipped with electronic stability and traction control. These systems help to reduce vibrations and slippage while traveling through challenging road conditions. You can take on that sharp turn will grace and elegance.

#4 - Rear Privacy Glass

Another great standard feature that comes equipped on all 2021 Seltos trims is rear privacy glass. This tinted back window serves two main functions. First, it prevents passersby from peeking inside the back of your vehicle. Second, it can also help keep the cabin cooler.

#5 - Lane-Keeping Features

Starting at the second trim, the S, the Seltos gets some advanced safety features. Two of these systems focus on staying in your designated lane and changing lanes safely. These are known as lane-keeping assist and lane-departure warning. Lane-keeping assist will automatically steer the Seltos back into its designated lane if the vehicle begins to drift off to the side. Meanwhile, the lane-departure warning system will alert you with an audible chime when the vehicle starts to drift out of its lane. The two systems work in unison to help prevent accidents on the road.


A yellow 2021 Kia Seltos is parked in a city and shown from the front at dusk.


#6 - Automatic High Beams and Lighting

On some trims, automatic high beams provide optimal visibility at night and during inclement weather. You won’t have to worry about oncoming traffic. The automatic high beam system will dim the lights when an approaching vehicle is sensed. Fog lights are also included in the S trim, and they get an upgrade to LED bulbs at the SX trim. The enhanced visibility these features provide allows for safer driving at any time of the day or night.

#7 - Blind-Spot Monitoring

One of the biggest culprits in automobile accidents is the dreaded blind-spot. Luckily, the Seltos S Turbo, EX, and SX models all come with blind-spot monitoring to help prevent accidents due to disappearing cars. Using a series of sensors, the system will detect when another vehicle enters your blind-spot. Visual and audible alerts will notify you to be aware of the present vehicles.

#8 - Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Paired with the blind-spot monitoring system is rear cross-traffic alert. This innovative system will alert you if another vehicle is crossing your path from behind. Useful during reverse, it helps you avoid potential collisions.

#9 - Premium Seating

On the top-tier EX and SX models, the heated seats are wrapped in premium leather upholstery. Keeping you warm and cozy during the winter months, heated leather seats are a luxury that a lot of people want in a new vehicle.

#10 - Wireless Charging

Although the 2021 Seltos has USB ports for hooking up your charging cable, the EX and SX models are also equipped with a wireless charging pad. This helps to prevent clutter inside the cabin, leaving you with a more organized interior and a fully charged smartphone.

#11 - Sunroof

Standard on the EX trim and optional on the SX trim, the sunroof is an excellent addition to the Seltos. Allowing you to let in some natural light or some fresh air, you can bring the outdoors inside with this wonderful feature.

#12 - Adaptive Cruise Control

Finally, on the top-of-the-line SX trim, the adaptive cruise control feature is a great one to wrap things up with. Not only does this system allow you to set your desired speed, but it also allows you to set the desired distance between your Seltos and the vehicle directly in front of you. This nifty safety feature can help you avoid rear-ending someone.


Dealership Information

How to Get to Allentown Kia


If you’re hoping to visit our dealership, getting here is quite easy. We’re centrally located right off of Highway 78, on exit 57. You will pass right by Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom to get to our showroom. Even if you’re coming from the big city of Philadelphia, getting here is quite straightforward. From the heart of the city, head towards Highway 76. You’ll stay on this route until you reach 476 or the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension. From here, it is a straight shot all the way into the heart of Allentown. You’ll want to exit 476 when you get to 22, and from there navigate towards 78. After this point, you’ll take a short cruise to 57 and make a left towards the Home Depot off of Lehigh St.

Although, if you’re coming from Pittsburg, you have a bit more of a drive ahead of you. From the heart of Pittsburg, navigate onto 376. From this freeway, you’ll want to travel through Wilkinsburg to 76. Once on 76, you’ll wind past New Stanton, Donegal, Somerset, Harrisburg, and Hershey, before finally arriving in Allentown. While the length of the drive can vary, on average, it can take about four and a half hours, so plan for a longer trip. Once you arrive in Allentown, you’ll head onto 476, and take exit 57. From there, head left towards the Home Depot, and you’ll find us right off of Lehigh St. While this can seem like quite the trek to visit us, many of our customers will agree it is well worth the journey.


Visit Allentown Kia


Kia vehicles are some of the best in the world. With reliability and affordability backing the name, Kias are gaining more and more popularity. So if you are ready to get started on your latest car purchase, visit Allentown Kia, and we will help you find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle. If you have any questions beforehand, give us a call. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you soon!